We asked men: Why are they afraid of serious relationship?

“I love spending time with you but I’m not ready for a relationship “, “Let’s take it slow” or “I don’t have time for a relationship right now”… We’ve all heard similar phrases. When everything is going well, we know men who run away when it comes to putting a name to the relationship, those who are afraid when they realize that the relationship is going to marriage, or those who do not even approach the concept of a serious relationship. However, we have doubts about the cause. Because everything that is said at that moment sounds like an excuse. So what are the reasons men are really afraid of a serious relationship? As Pudra.com, we asked the men around us the reasons for this fear and here are the most common answers…

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Past experiences

Not all of us are very keen on a new relationship right after getting out of a relationship, especially if we’ve had a bad breakup. But we women are always better at following our feelings. Men let their bad experiences get in the way of their emotions. Many men who are afraid of getting into a serious relationship say it’s because of their past experiences. Men who were previously abandoned , cheated on, or ended a long relationship, even for good, stay away from the relationship even if they feel something. There are not a few people who would rather not dream at all than be disappointed again.

Fear of attachment

Although the phrase “I can’t connect” sounds like a joke now, the number of men who really feel this way is not few. Even with a woman he likes, many men pull back when it comes to naming a relationship. Because she is afraid of things not working out, being disappointed , monogamous life or the responsibility of a serious relationship. Many men we ask why they don’t want a serious relationship say, “When the woman in front of me talks about putting a name to the relationship, I see a process involving my family and friends, where I am constantly forced into things I don’t want and eventually screw things up, and I set my limits from the beginning so that this doesn’t happen.” If there is such a man in front of you, you can take a look at our article on how to treat a man who is afraid of attachment.

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Not falling in love

Sad but true; Sometimes the only reason a guy tells you he’s not ready for a relationship is because you’re not in love! Men admit that they use it as an excuse that they don’t want a serious relationship. If there is a woman they like , they feel sexual attraction , they can spend time with but they are not in love with, this is the first excuse they hug. Because they do not want to offend the woman in front of them and they do not feel guilty. They are also very clear that when they are truly in love, they will not run away from the relationship no matter the circumstances. In other words, it is possible to see a man who tells you that he is not ready for a relationship and is preparing to marry someone else after a few months, sometimes the problem is not really you but what he feels.

Thinking that he won’t walk

As we said at the beginning, men are better than us women at listening to their logic . Most of us, even when we see a man with a different future plan and our life conditions do not match, if we feel something, we go after it. However, men try to make more logical decisions at the very beginning of the relationship. Even if you get along very well as friends or your sexual compatibility is great, they try to anticipate what will happen the moment things turn into a relationship between you. Also, many think that women change during intercourse, so things won’t work out as soon as they’re named.
mutsuz depresyon ask iliski erkek

Not ready to take responsibility

The first thing that comes to mind for men when it comes to a serious relationship

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