We have collected 6 issues that men cannot stand in a relationship!

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The secret of a healthy relationship is that the couples should act with empathy and make the problems in the relationship as smooth as possible. There are some things that cool women in a relationship as well as some things that make men cool in a relationship. For this reason, from time to time, we can overwhelm the person in front of us without realizing it. As Elmaelma.com, we have gathered together the issues you need to pay attention to, in order to lay the groundwork for and maintain a healthy, happy and peaceful relationship. Here are 6 topics that turn men off in a relationship, in the continuation of the news!

Trip to Intangible Things!

Traveling is one of the things that we women often do and don’t realize. Although it seems like a very cliché, it is one of the issues that overwhelm many men and pave the way for big fights in the future. Girls, remember, boys are pure logic. Detail does not think! They live in the logic of eat, sleep, wake up and go out. For this, you should take care to talk about the issues that you do not like with a fine attitude and to solve the problem by talking!

Women Don’t Forget Anything!

You may not be able to forget your past relationship experiences or the troubles you have had in that relationship. Unfortunately, we women do not forget anything we experienced in the past, but we have the ability to remind everything with a bang. However, the way to continue a relationship in a healthy way is to overcome the troublesome issues you are experiencing and start a new beginning instead of constantly bringing the past forward. Everyone deserves a chance, but remember girls, just one chance! Let him make good use of this chance, otherwise, if there is a continuation and the same things happen again, it is your wrist and your heart’s right to show the door instead of giving a second chance! Forget it…

Women’s Powerful Weapon is Finding Menstrual Excuses for Everything!

We love to use the menstrual period against men, which changes the mood of women, some of which put them into very emotional periods, some of which create nerve cubes. In an argument or in an emotional moment, saying “But stay away from me, I’m on my period” or “Do you know what we’re talking about, it’s like I’m on my period” will never save you! Men never know because they have not experienced such a period. It is quite difficult for us women, but there is no need to exaggerate!

The Problem of Waiting for the First Step from Him!

One of the issues that we women constantly get into trouble while giving advice to each other is the first step problem. The situation where men always take the first step sometimes causes the opportunity to be missed. If we women’s desire to be liked and taken care of is at the highest level, know that this is also true for men! Although you can give small messages to show that you are interested in the person in front of you, if you say that you are in a regular relationship, you can receive small gifts from time to time to show that you are thinking about them.

It Starts One Zero Back From The Rude Talking Woman!

In fact, this issue applies not only to women, but also to men. Although rude-speaking cows seem makeshift, women who talk rudely cause men to stay away. At this point, it is one of the key issues that should be considered for both parties at this point.

Those who do not know the dose of jealousy Attention!

Loving men or women don’t get jealous, just forget about it guys! Of course, you can show small, sweet jealousy that will show that you feel special feelings for the person in front of you. However, if the extent of jealousy restricts the freedom of the other person, stop there! Increasing jealousy may cause your partner to distance themselves from you or reconsider the relationship.

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