What are the effects of sexuality on mental and physical health?

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Sexuality is an important part of human physiology. Sexuality is not just about mating for reproductive purposes, as in animals, it is a social activity for pleasure. It is one of the fields in which man realizes himself. Therefore, some effects of sexuality on the human body are inevitable. Here are the effects of sexuality on mental and physical health!

Sexual problems also create mental problems!

Since sexual well-being is a part of general physical and mental well-being, sexual problems inevitably affect mental health. Especially mood disorders such as depression and dysthymia and anxiety disorders accompany sexual problems.

Problems negatively affect relationships

Since problems in the sexual sphere are not only problems of the individual, but also of the couple, their presence can negatively affect the quality of the relationship.

Different problem by gender

Women, who are a socially disadvantaged group, are more represented than men in the field of mental disorders. However, since sexual dysfunctions are gender-dependent disorders, two biological sexes cannot be compared with each other in this field. The most common sexual dysfunctions in Turkey by gender are erectile dysfunction in men and orgasm disorders in women. Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by factors such as life problems, monotonous sexual life, and relationship problems. Anxiety about sexual performance also affects the erection extremely negatively. One of the most important causes of orgasm disorder in women is the implicit myth that it is shameful for women to enjoy sex. One of the important reasons is sexual relations in which foreplay is kept short or not at all.

Sex education is important

In order to reduce the problems experienced in the field of sexuality, it is necessary to provide sexual education to children starting from kindergarten, to provide sexual counseling services to premarital couples, to enlighten the society about sexual myths, and to establish a legal infrastructure for all these. This legal infrastructure includes laws that ensure gender equality and protect disadvantaged social groups.

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