What are the habits that strengthen marriages, always be positive!

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You can have a happier and more peaceful relationship by adopting some habits to strengthen your marriage. It is possible to establish a stronger marriage by taking into account these habits that we have prepared for you. Here are the habits that will strengthen your marriage that you must acquire!

Don’t try to change each other

“One of the things we see in happy couples is that partners don’t try to change each other and just accept them as they are,” says British Therapist Darren Wilk. Wilk continues, “Instead of clashing with each other’s personalities, they should see their positive and attractive sides and try to keep them on the agenda, after all, they are the reason they got close and are together right now.”

Talk about your satisfaction

Positive support for your partner is good for motivation, but couples often neglect it for some reason. “According to a study by relationship expert Gottman, couples have 20 positive versus negative moments in everyday life: a shared gaze, compliment, or touch,” says Wilk. Say something positive to him at least 3 times a day and be specific when doing it. For example, say “why is he a good father” rather than “a good father”.

Always focus on the positive

Unhappy couples are stuck with negative thoughts. If you focus on a behavior that bothers you, you will see it, if you focus on what makes you happy, you will see it. It’s entirely up to you to control what’s going on inside your mind, so even if you come across something that makes you angry, you can immediately think of a heart-warming behavior to avoid arguments and unpleasantness.

Don’t relax too much

Trust and commitment are essentials in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you can let yourself go lest nothing will happen to your relationship. “Relations are fragile, which is why divorces outnumber marriages today,” Wilk says. If you are happy with your relationship, you should continue to nurture it. According to Wilk, “Happy couples keep flirting.”

If your partner is getting attention…

Individuals in happy partnerships notice when their partner does something to get attention. According to studies, couples who are aware of their spouse’s behavior and facial expressions are less prone to divorce. This means you have to pay attention to details and respond to your partner’s communication needs. For example, if you’re going shopping and he’s telling you about something he loved very much from his childhood, you can give him the thing he cares about to show that you listen to him and that you care.

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