What are the mistakes made in dating, don’t talk about your past relationship!

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We all make mistakes during dating, which is the first stage of getting to know the person you like better before starting a relationship. The mistakes you make before starting the union you want can ruin a sack of figs. We have brought together suggestions in our content that will prevent you from getting excited and making mistakes during the dating period. Here are 6 mistakes made while flirting!

talk about the past

Talking about past relationships is one of the most common mistakes. While you’re flirting with someone, you can’t talk about your ex-girlfriends or boyfriends in conversation just because the other person respects you. This is an unwritten relationship rule! If you want to talk about your past relationships, call your friends, not your date.

Misrepresenting yourself

This is the case in real life as well. Never pretend to be someone you are not. To misrepresent yourself is to build a relationship on a lie. Relationships built on lies are doomed to collapse in a short time.

money matters

If the person you’re dating isn’t ‘money’, they won’t be interested in how big your wallet is. Talking about your house, car and financial situation all the time is the most repulsive behavior in the world. To impress your date, talk about your feelings, not your money!

Being ‘sticky’

After just a few dates, there is nothing more irritating than the person who constantly calls and asks, does not breathe and ‘sticks’ so to speak. Flirting doesn’t mean getting to know each other but putting them at the center of your life. Instead of being constantly offended, relax and enjoy the dating time.

Always saying “me, me”

Another mistake that can quickly end a burgeoning relationship is talking too much about yourself. Of course, in order for the other person to get to know you, you need to talk about yourself. However, do this talking business with a chat that includes the other party. Do not reveal everything about yourself all at once. Let him try to get to know you by asking questions.

Not being able to control the eyes!

We all look back when we see someone nice, admit it. However, if you are on a date, keep your eyes on the person in front of you, not the beauty around!

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