What are the reasons for the ending of marriages, the reason for the lack of communication!

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In today’s modern life, it has become difficult for two people to live together peacefully and maintain a marriage. There are many reasons behind the deadlock in marriages. One of these reasons is the lack of communication. Here are the mistakes that lead marriages to a dead end!

Economic problems

Studies show that the economic difficulties we experience in today’s life affect our relationships as well as every aspect of our lives. Economic concerns make a person more irritable and unhappy. This is very damaging to both the person and their relationships.

Inability to quit habits

The fear of not being ready for the new order that will occur after the separation prevents you from seeing your spouse as someone to be loved. You begin to treat it as a ‘necessary object’. What you need to realize at this point is that fear and need are not love. If your love is over, trying to maintain the relationship will only be a tiring process.

not sharing your feelings

Not sharing feelings is a defense mechanism that the person sometimes unconsciously does. This approach can be seen as a very wrong choice in terms of having a healthy relationship. People who keep their feelings to themselves, instead of communicating; He tries to reflect the anxiety and fears he experiences to his partner with his behaviors. This will lead to bigger problems and arguments. Because your partner will not understand what you are angry or unhappy about until you speak. So it won’t do anything to fix it.

try to change

How you adopted your partner when you first met, you need to maintain this throughout the relationship and marriage. It’s natural to demand that he change his behavior that upsets you. But he will never be who you want him to be. People’s past experience, wishes and desires differ from each other.

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