What are the reasons that lead to the end of the marriage, do not look for the perfect wife!

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As in today’s relationships, we all know that maintaining a relationship in marriage is not an easy task. Some wrong ideas that we believe in socially and culturally can also cause marriages to fall short of expectations and therefore to end in divorce. As Elmaelma.com, we share 4 false beliefs that cause marriages to end…

perfect wife

To be realistic, no one is perfect and we are bound to be disappointed when we compare the person we are with to the person living in these fantasies. As a result, we may believe that your spouse is the wrong person and make the mistake of ending the relationship without any effort. Actually, what we need is not a perfect wife, but a good wife. Once you find the most important traits you absolutely want in your partner, the rest is up to the deal.

True love is easy delusion

You believe in the power of true love so much that you think you can easily overcome any obstacle and difficulty that comes your way, but the facts say the opposite. When couples experience any difficulties or conflicts, they start to look for problems in their relationships and question their love for each other. It is normal to experience such problems, especially after the sweet months of the relationship have passed. Because both sides are starting to show their true face. The important thing is to discuss your differences and meet at a common point. If you can do that, no problem.

see as complementary

Couples should come together like puzzle pieces to form the whole. Without the other piece, you’re halfway done! The truth is that no spouse can complete us. Relationship isn’t about finding the perfect person you want to complete you, it’s about getting to know each other and learning from each other. Even supporting each other with different aspects.

Endless Love

Love will go on passionately and passionately forever, and butterflies will always fly in your stomach! We think the excitement we felt when we first fell in love will last a lifetime. But after the first year, these feelings begin to atrophy. People with this belief think that when their excitement is over, the person they fell in love with is not the right person and that there is no true love in their love. In fact, your relationship starts to get stronger after the initial excitements begin to wane. You get to know each other closely, know your good and bad sides, and maintain your relationship on these foundations.

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