What are the secrets of a long marriage? Fight for your relationship!

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We all know how difficult it is to manage a marriage these days. If you follow some rules in the first years of your marriage and after, it is possible to have a long and happy marriage. We have listed the rules that we recommend newly married couples to follow. Here are the secrets of a long and happy marriage…

be boring

Talking about even the most mundane matters sometimes works in marriages. Being newlywed isn’t just about the honeymoon. You need to talk about your bills, your finances, your responsibilities and all these realistic expectations. Discuss your business situations and decide together what to do with your money, create savings goals. Talking about these topics isn’t the most exciting part of marriage, but it does make your relationship smoother.

Let your expectations be realistic

Even if you were perfectly compatible before marriage, things can change later. Even married or seemingly perfect couples are likely to have problems that you think are present in your marriage. Don’t expect marriage to be an easy thing and don’t think that every disagreement or argument means you made a mistake.

hold your tongue

There may be moments when your partner makes you quite angry. Maybe this happened before we got married, maybe it’s a recent nuisance. Whatever the case, you’re likely to be tempted to trip and cause trouble. Doing so creates unnecessary drama.


Saying “I’m sorry” is often more meaningful than saying “I love you”. That’s why you should apologize, not be proud, even if sometimes you think you’re right. Apologies should never be one-sided.

Fight for your relationship

We can’t say that every couple fights, but many do. Of course, you should never physicalize this struggle, but you should consider that the emotional one can have a limit for everyone. Sometimes, even the fights arising only from the expenses you make bring great criticism. You have to fight each other within limits.

Celebrate your special days

Sometimes you have to look forward to something. It is especially important in the first year of your marriage. The days that matter to you help you remember why you’re together. Whether it’s your first Christmas together, Valentine’s Day or something big you buy, celebrate!

make love

Finding time to make love is a little harder. Whatever way you are with your partner, make time for sex that is important to you. It can involve having long conversations about everything, reading a book together, or going to bed on Sunday mornings. Make some time for this.

stay friends

Your spouse doesn’t have to be your best friend, but you should be a good friend. As a married couple, you should go on dates and romantic dates. After shopping, take time to have lunch or watch a movie. Share things about your life with him. As long as you still like to spend some comfortable but quality time, things will be fine.


Even if you had a long relationship before, your first year is an important stage. As long as you laugh together about arguments, emergencies, difficult times and more serious issues, you will get through this. No one says your first year has to be the best year. We hope you never have your best year because the next one will always be better. Your first year as a newlywed is frustrating, exciting, exhilarating, but beautiful because you both strive for a marriage that reflects.

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