What are the signs of liking of your close friend, if he wants to meet in person…

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Our relationships with our immediate surroundings can change over time. One of the most common issues faced by women is getting emotional attention from their boyfriends. Have you noticed that your friend looks at you differently than usual, sits closer, or wants to meet outside of your friend group? If so, he may be starting to like you! Here are ways to understand it…

If he is more interested in you

If a guy starts to see you as more than just a friend, he will look for ways to get to know you more. He will ask more questions about your family, work, interests, and will be more interested in your life.

If you want to meet in person

Even though you have a group of friends that you hang out with, if he wants to meet you one-on-one and takes steps for this, it is a sign that he wants to get to know you even better. In fact, we can say that the biggest sign is that he wants to meet more privately.

If trying to contact

One of the biggest signs that he likes you is when he tries to make contact. Pulling his chair close to you, touching your arm while talking, looking into your eyes more often while listening to you… These signs may mean that he is interested in you.

If you call often

If he finds an excuse and starts calling and texting you more, that’s one of the signs that he likes you. If he likes you, he will want to be in constant contact with you.

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