What are the ways to impress shy guys be gentle and feminine!

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Shy men manage to attract the attention of many women with their demeanor. However, communicating with a shy man may not be as much as you think. So what to do in such cases? If you don’t want to wait forever for him to take a step, you have to take a step to talk. Here are a few ways to impress shy guys.

laugh and talk

Smile every time your shy man looks at you. He’ll most likely roll his eyes when you look at him, but give him a big smile when your eyes meet. Start the conversation by saying “Hi”. If you work at the same place, talk about your co-workers and work. Find something common to chat about at this point. Shy guys have trouble communicating, but if you take the lead, the conversation goes well.

Observe their signs

Before you show interest in this man, find out if he is interested in you. For example, a shy man will be careful around the woman he loves. If the woman shows interest, she will follow every word that comes out of her mouth, everything she does, with full concentration. She stares at him until she notices him, but as soon as you notice him, he immediately squints and becomes embarrassed. If the shy guy around you is acting like this, he definitely likes you.


Compliments definitely work for any shy or confident man. So tell her how good an outfit she wears or how pleasant her voice is. Use a friendly tone of voice when complimenting. He will be pleased with the attention you show him.

Look good, smell good

As all women know, men are visual creatures, so put on the clothes you feel best in. Squeeze your best-smelling perfume. Be in a state where you feel stylish next to him.

Be gentle and feminine

Most men are naturally sensitive. So be friendly and nice to him to make him comfortable. Show him you care by being kind to him. For example, if there is an animal nearby, you can pat its back and say, “How sweet!” Say things like, so that you can show your interest with small touches. You can make your shy man feel more secure around you by being feminine.

touch it

After you have overcome the distances between you and him, touch his knees while laughing or his arm during conversations. This will give him subtle signs that you like him. Sometimes, liking a shy guy may not work. In such cases, you need to tell him at once that you like him, without making too many jokes. Just say you like her without asking her out. There can be a long wait so be patient. If he likes you and sees you as a sensitive and sweet person, sooner or later he will ask you out. But remember, shy guys are worth the wait.

use your mind

Intelligence attracts the attention of every man and woman. Show your intelligence when you’re with him, but don’t act too knowledgable. It’s up to you to set the balance.

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