What are the ways to influence the person you like, ask him for help!

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Reaching the person you love is not always easy. Sometimes the feelings do not occur at the same time. In such cases, there are some methods you should try to leave a mark on the person you like. We’ve listed ways to help you reach your goal and get you into its heart. Here are ways to impress the person you like!

ask him for help

Ask them to do you a small favor. When they see that they are doing little favors for you, they will consciously associate feelings of approval and positivity with you. Kindness here is not meant to fight for you or get you out of a difficult situation. You can ask him for help finding the waypoint for an important e-mail to write or for a place you want to find.

Share your flaws

Sharing flaws with others makes people feel humble and secure. This will encourage them to open up more about the shortcomings that have fueled their emotional intimacy.

laugh together

We all know the power of smile. Don’t forget to laugh at his jokes. The more we laugh with someone, the more we are drawn to them.

Get your adrenaline boost

Watch a scary movie with them. Adrenaline is an attraction to some situations. Putting your crush in fear-inducing situations pushes them to associate their feelings with you, not the movie. In other words, with you, their adrenaline rises and their heartbeat accelerates.

chameleon effect

Imitate what your crush is doing. When you imitate someone’s behavior, they think more positively of you. This creates a connection between you. Pay attention to what color clothes they wear the most, and then add some of these colors to your wardrobe.

Find unusual similarities

We are attracted to people we perceive as similar to ourselves, and research shows that attraction will increase if we perceive our similarity to be rare or unusual. So yes, if your parents went to the same high school or you have a common Scorpio acquaintance, you can use these to get closer to him.

light touches

Whether it’s an imaginary hair taken from the shoulder or a light touch on your arm while laughing at a joke… These light steps develop your feelings for each other.

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