What are the ways to keep the relationship alive? Get to know each other personally!

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Every relationship has its ups and downs. However, in order to keep the relationship alive and not end the relationship, you need to remind different perspectives or each other’s perception of private space. So what to do to keep the relationship alive? What to do or not to do for a happy relationship? Here is the secret of keeping the relationship alive and a happy relationship!

Thinking that you did everything perfectly in the relationship

The sentences ‘I vacuumed my hair for you’, which we often come across in relationships, cause asking for accountability and expectation after a while in relationships. Stop looking like you’re saving everything in a relationship, it will only stress you out.

Include different perspectives!

Take care to look at the subject from different perspectives instead of blowing up on the slightest thing in the relationship. When you feel that the other person is hiding something from you, you should ask yourself why he is hiding such a thing from you before asking him to account. Otherwise, having frequent arguments can shorten the life of your relationship.

Know Your Private Space!

In relationships, both parties need a private space where they can listen to themselves from time to time. That’s why you should allow your partner to meet friends or participate in activities without you in the meantime. Otherwise, being constantly at the bottom will cause you to get bored after a while. For that, it will be to allow time to miss each other!


Empathy is essential in a relationship. Couples may not always be happy in a relationship, but coming on top or waiting for attention when one party is in trouble are situations that change the course of the relationship. For this, put your partner in your place and do not stay away from sentences such as ‘how would he think’ or ‘how would I react if it were me’!

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