What are the ways to strengthen communication, pay attention to the tone of your voice!

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Establishing a healthy communication with people and strengthening your communication side offers convenience in your life in every aspect. It allows us to explain our ideas more easily, to broaden our perspective, and to understand those around us more easily. When our communication is strong, we reach our personal goals more easily and thus we enjoy life more.

Voice tone

Tone of voice is one of the most important points in communication. Even the meaning of the same word can change when we say it in different tones. The tone of voice you will choose in your communication; make sure it contains positivity and neutrality and has a gentle tone.

learn to listen

Focus on what the person in front of you is talking about, take part in the dialogue. Make gestures that acknowledge your understanding and that the other party can understand. To learn to listen, first allow yourself to explain less and allow the other person to talk about themselves.

Don’t forget your body language

Another element that gives you away as much as your tone of voice while speaking is your body language. If you want to develop strong communicative relationships, pay attention to your posture and eye movements. For example, do not fold your arms while listening to the other person during a conversation, or look away from the person you are listening to while talking about something. Sitting comfortably in front of the speaker and listening while looking into his eyes not only does not give the message that you are not listening to the other person, but also allows you to speak confidently because you listen with full concentration when it is your turn.

fight fair

Dialogues may not go as calm and peaceful as we imagine sometimes. In such cases, as in human nature, you may involuntarily raise your voice to make yourself accepted by the other person. You can even use your hands and arms and sometimes even use words that are beyond your limits. In such cases, list the items that make you nervous, take a deep breath and try to calm down and let the person in front of you express himself.

take care

Business is not always talked about in meetings and similar business meetings. Sometimes, private life and holidays are also mentioned. Even if what the other person is telling you is not in your area of ​​interest, listen carefully, maybe you can catch a detail that you are curious about and that attracts your attention. In such cases, do not hesitate to ask questions by thinking that you will interfere with the other person. On the contrary, when you ask him questions, you show him that you are listening and that you are interested in the subject.

Let what you say and what you think become one

When it is our turn to speak, we must be very careful not to speak with hearsay, and to make sure that our speech is entirely our own thoughts. Thus, you can express yourself more easily. Also, when the other person asks a question, you don’t think too much about answering and you don’t distract the other person.

Take manners seriously

Today, with the advancement of technology, societies are faced with the danger of an internet and message language. In both conversations and e-mails, people write and say words differently. In addition, many of the words expressing respect for the other party in the general social rules have already disappeared. For this reason, do not neglect to use words that express gratitude and respect, and to use your language carefully.

Get to know what you’re addressing

If you have a boss in front of you, you should not talk to your spouse or lover with the same sincerity or tone of voice. Before communicating with the other person, be sure to consider the ties, sincerity and level of relationship between you.

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