What causes iron deficiency in women? It’s chilling with love!

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Do you know what is the cause of sexual reluctance in women? Experts warn! This situation may not be purely psychological. Yes, you heard right! Iron deficiency, vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiencies also cause sexual reluctance in women. Today we will explain to you what iron deficiency causes in women. So what causes iron deficiency in women? The answer to the curious question is Psychiatrist Dr. We learned from Murat Altın.

One of the most common problems is sexual reluctance.

“According to the World Health Organization, sexual health; It is the ability of a person to continue his sexual life without any coercion, happily and without harm,” said Dr. Murat Altın continued his words as follows: “A healthy communication contributes to the development of personality and positively enriching the sharing of love between couples, as well as providing emotional, intellectual and social integrity. In humans, sexuality consists of desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution phases. These stages include different anatomical and physiological processes. The ‘desire phase’ is the most important phase that is independent from other phases and initiates and shapes sexuality. For this reason, one of the most common sexual problems is sexual reluctance. Unlike men, at the source of sexual problems in women; There may be mental or medical disorders, as well as sexual or interpersonal problems that the person encounters in his life. In many cases, we find that these problems often coexist.”

The smell and bad behavior make the woman cold!

Dr. Altın pointed out that negative sexual experiences such as marriage with an undesirable person, sexual assaults, false and frightening information about sexuality during childhood or adolescence can lead to the formation of a negative attitude of women towards sexuality. Dr. Altın said, “Especially in our country, women start to feel anger and even hatred towards their spouses due to the indifference of spouses, cheating, or their spouses’ lack of support for their spouses’ parents (especially mother-in-laws). While this situation causes the woman to have negative feelings towards her husband and decrease in her love, sexual desire is also negatively affected. Again, in cases where the spouse does not show the necessary personal hygiene and has bad body and mouth odors, it negatively affects the sexual arousal of women, especially more meticulous women. Sometimes he cannot talk about this situation with his wife or cannot get the necessary support from his wife. In the following periods, sexual reluctance may begin to develop in women,” he said.

If there is weakness and loss of energy, be careful!

Warns couples that they should take fatigue and loss of energy seriously, Dr. Altın said: “Physical health is an indispensable requirement for both sexes for a healthy and happy sexual life. In recent years, as a result of sedentary lifestyle characteristics, inadequate and unbalanced nutrition, especially Fe (iron) deficiency anemia, other vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin B12 and D, are frequently observed. For example, according to statistics, Fe deficiency anemia is seen in 35 percent of women all over the world. While this situation causes intense fatigue, reluctance and loss of energy, especially in women, sexual life will also be affected. Again, endocrinological disorders such as thyroid dysfunctions and diabetes can reduce sexual desire. Sexual reluctance can also occur as a side effect of blood pressure medications, some antidepressants or birth control medications.”

Definitely see a specialist

Saying that one of the most common mental disorders in women is Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HCID), Psychiatrist Dr. Murat Altın said, “HCIB in women is defined as the scarcity or lack of sexual fantasy/sexual desire that occurs continuously or recursively and creates a problem between the person/persons. Although there are different data on its frequency in studies, its incidence in the community is around 9-12%. Major depression, which is seen at a high rate of 20-40 percent in women, is one of the most common causes of sexual reluctance in daily clinics. One of the symptoms of major depression is sexual reluctance, as well as the side effects of some of the antidepressant drugs used in its treatment, which can make this situation more distressing. Again, if the vaginismus disorder seen in women is not resolved with a good therapy and treatment process, it may cause sexual reluctance in the future. Since sexual reluctance seen in women can cause problems in both mental, familial and social functionality after a certain period of time, it is a condition that needs attention and attention. It is important that women experiencing these problems receive support from mental health professionals who have been trained in this regard as soon as possible.

Source: DHA

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