What do men think about relationships?

Would you really want to know about a man’s behavior that we can’t understand most of the time? Baturay Özden , Relationship Counselor who hears the voice of us women, deciphers all the secrets of men in his book , ‘Man’s Pin Code’ . Saying, “The real manhood is not managing 3-5 women together, but making one woman happy”, Özden shares all he knows with women who are looking for the love of their life from this perspective.

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Guided women to intelligently ‘manage’ a relationship with the Pin Code book from Tara Kitap, Özden said, “Yes, you can find your soul mate. there is such a thing as finding, it’s not a myth; I will give you all the tips to get to know her,” she says, and answers all the questions that women wonder, unfiltered from the male eye.

Is the escapee really being chased?

One of the notable titles in the book is ‘Does the Runner Be Chased?’ question. Using tactics in relationships is perhaps as old as human history, but Özden answers the question from a male perspective and says: “As people’s self-awareness increases, such games backfire. You can only get yourself chased by running away from a stupid man. A smart man will understand what you are trying to do from day one; either it will not be a part of this game or it will play with you. In this case, it is unclear whether the couples are trying to be happy or to beat the other on the chessboard. It’s a game with no winners, because in the end it makes both sides unhappy.”

Saying that phrases such as “Let me run away and chase me” and “Let him see that I am not an easy woman so that he can appreciate my worth” are also not valuable in the eyes of a smart man, Özden adds: ) are the sentences of women chasing after them. An intelligent woman knows that her relationship is not a tool for ego satisfaction. She can satisfy her ego at work or in her circle of friends if she really wants it, but never in a relationship.”

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Be real

Advice to those who want to be happy in their relationships to be real, Özden says that in the women’s council , the advice of friends should not be heeded too much. For those who say, “I use tactics and it works,” Özden has bad news: “If so, unfortunately, you are with a stupid man. In this case, you have two alternatives; Either you continue to deceive yourself by thinking that you are the queen in your own trash, or you lift your head to have a real relationship with a smart man.”

Which type of woman is indispensable?
Baturay Özden’s book also answers this question. she sincerely answers: “The criteria for being indispensable for every man may differ, but I can give you a wonderful formula that will work for every person. First of all, ‘his’ is indispensable for a man. You have to make you feel that you belong to the man you love with your whole soul and body. A man needs to feel that you are there for him no matter what happens. If you can’t get him to answer ‘Yes’ to very basic questions like, don’t expect to be indispensable.”

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Baturay Özden mentions that being indispensable is important for every human being, because this feeling satisfies the human’s need to feel special. Saying that the six basic human needs identified by the famous American personal development expert Anthony Robbins should be adapted to relationships as well, Özden lists these needs as follows:

The need for certainty : You can’t work without knowing what your salary will be at the end of each month, it will stress you out if you don’t know where to sleep at night. You want to know that the person in your life will continue to be with you when you wake up tomorrow morning. It’s possible to multiply examples, but ‘certainty’ ‘ of our most basic needs. We need to know and be sure of certain things. r.

Need for change: It’s the opposite of the need for certainty. You can’t have the same meal every night. The unknown is as exciting as it can be frightening. If a genie came out of the magic lamp and showed us literally what we will experience for the next 10 years, would there be any excitement in living? Relationships, like life, need surprises.

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Need for love and commitment: Every person, without exception, has a need for love and commitment. We are emotional beings. If a newborn baby is not touched for 30 days, it dies. That’s how vital touch is. Mevlana says, “Love is felt only when it is given.” We all need to love; a sense of connectedness, a sense of belonging…

The need to feel special: Everyone needs to feel special. We want to be important to someone in life. This is the main motivation of all armies of the world. It is important to give the feeling of “You are very important to me” because spouses need to feel that they are special to each other.

Need for development: Human beings have an endless need for development. That’s why we go to the Moon, it’s not enough, we try to go to Mars. Relationships also need improvement. Relationships that do not add anything to them are doomed to end or become monotonous.

iliski terapisti baturay ozden erkegin pin kodu kitabi Who is Baturay Özden?

Buturay Özden graduated from London School of Economics Leadership and Management, Politechnika Opolska University Production Engineering Department and Uludag University Labor Economics and Industrial Relations departments. Özden holds Relationship Coaching from Ashridge Business School, NLP Master Trainer certificates from the International Federation for Coaching and NLP. He also holds a psychology master’s degree. Baturay Özden, who organizes training programs on topics such as Leadership, Personal Development, Psychology, Brand Management, Marketing Communication in over 40 countries, also works as a management consultant.

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