What do men want to say in messages, if they send heart emojis…

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If you like someone, you spend a lot of time interpreting what messages, every phrase, every word means from them. For this reason, we have shared in our content what they actually mean in the messages sent by men, which will make your job easier. Here are some tips that the guy you like will reveal himself in the message language…

Quick answers

We can all respond to messages late due to busy living conditions. However, if you still get a quick response to your messages, there is a high probability that the person you are chatting with is interested in you. This shows that he is excited to receive your messages and wants to keep the conversation going.

If the heart is sending emojis

To be honest, most guys don’t like to use emojis in messages. However, if he’s adding heart emojis to the end of irrelevant text, even if they’re as innocent as yellow or pink ones, he may be dying for you to notice. It also sends lots of heart kiss emojis, heart smileys, which means it adds extra emphasis to the love sharing. But watch out for the purple hearts! Depending on where you want more romance to go, you might be directed straight to the bedroom!

calling by nicknames

Nicknames sound cute. Because they are a simple way of showing affection for another person, especially in the early stages of a relationship. The reason you get excited about nicknames like “my sunshine” or “my strawberry pie” is because these words create a special bond between the two of you.

Do you want to make her feel good in return? When you start to call him with special nicknames that come from within, this will not only deepen the bond you are establishing, but will also give him the green light to chase you more.

long messages

Ask him, “How was your day?” If he responds with a novel when you text him, it means he wants to do much more than just chat with you. Men avoid long texts with casual friends. This means that he not only values ​​your opinion, sees you as a confidant, but also wants you to get to know him. When someone isn’t paying much attention to you, their response to your text messages is limited to one to three words.

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