What does it mean to see sexuality in a dream harbors aggressive impulses!

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One of the frequently questioned and controversial issues is seeing some sexual content in dreams. Even if not always, getting out of the influence of dreams that we see at certain intervals can sometimes cause questions that confuse us. So what does it mean to have sex or see sexually explicit things in a dream? What do the sexual hypocrisies we see in hypocrisy want to tell us? Here are the answers to frequently asked questions by Psychotherapist Dr. Cem Keçe explains as follows.


”Dreams; It contains impulses such as sexuality and aggression that go back to our childhood and which we push into our unconscious, suppress and originate. It is the emergence of thoughts, feelings, fears, anxiety and desires hidden in our unconscious, even for a short time, to the level of consciousness. Cem Keçe continues his words as follows…

Dreams are the gateways to our unconscious. unconscious; It does not recognize shame, sin or prohibition. For this reason, dreams contain desires that the person does not even admit to himself. Also dreams; It can also be the result of mental processes involving anxiety and thoughts that preoccupy our minds while we are awake.

It is necessary to divide dreams into two as latent dreams and apparent dreams. hidden dreams; unconscious and lower brain dreams and carry symbolic meanings. Obsessions are expressed with symbols and in order for obsessions to occur less; We recommend that children after the age of two do not sleep in the same bed with their siblings, parents. From vaginismus to premature ejaculation, we make the psychological interpretations we make in sexual therapy through these dreams. For example, the penis; In dreams, it can be symbolized as a snake, a tall tree, or a pointed pencil. Visible dreams are; These are the upper brain dreams that we hear in our daily life and see in connection with the events we experience. An example of this is that a worker who is angry with his boss sees his boss beating in his dream.

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