What does it mean to take a break from the relationship if it sounds like parting bells…

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Love is the most beautiful symbol of indescribable feelings. While the love that almost all of us experience this feeling enters into a dead end for some, it sometimes turns into a fairy tale with a happy ending. Every relationship has its ups and downs. In these ups and downs, the sentence that leads the relationship to a dead end appears as “Let’s take a break”. In order to give some clarity to the sentence “Let’s take a break, which causes confusion in a relationship, and to put you at ease” What does it mean to take a break from the relationship? We searched for an answer to the question ” and made a compilation about whether this sentence was actually meant to end the relationship or if it was a sentence that was said to solidify the foundation of the relationship! Here is the meaning of that sentence that makes you wolf inside!


It’s kind of hard to lay your head on the same pillow and grow old forever and figure out the person you want to be by your side in a conversation or a date or two. You can get to know the other person best on the road, at home and at social events. By spending a long time, you can find out if you are the right person. However, some situations may erupt in relationships that will push against each other after a while. In these cases, the sentence that comes out of our mouth voluntarily or involuntarily and keeps all breaths is “” Shall we take a break? The phrase ” most of the time causes great destruction. So, is taking a break from the relationship a signal to end the relationship?

It’s like marriage in business” Alas, what am I going to do now? What will happen if we divorce? Putting aside the questions “and looking at things from the outside, using this fear-inducing sentence is often life-saving. Spending some time apart, measuring and weighing the problems you are experiencing with an external eye, is the most practical solution to see how much you miss each other when you are apart, and what percentage of that person in your life constitutes!

This sentence, which sounds separation bells in relationships and marriages, is actually a positive solution for couples to reconsider their relationships and take a new step! In particular, family therapists suggest that couples should not be afraid of such breaks and that they may need these breaks from time to time.

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