What does the way you hug your lover mean if you rub your back while hugging…

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The relationship we establish with people through our body language in our daily lives contains some tips about our character. This is no different when it comes to relationships. When starting a relationship, the interest in the other person directs the course of the relationship. Although this situation is not noticed at first in relationships, it paves the way for problems in the future. However, there are some signs that give little clues about whether you are getting electricity when you meet someone. The most obvious of these is the way you hug the person in front of you. For Elmaelma.com readers, we have brought together the revealing features from the way they hug! Here are a few of them…

If you wrap your arms around his waist

This gesture is an indication that you reveal your instinct to the person in front of you. It is an indication that you always trust the person in front of you and you feel comfortable. At the same time, this movement symbolizes self-confidence.

If you put your hands in your partner’s pockets

If you put your hands in your partner’s pocket while hugging, this gesture shows that you have overcome something between you and the person in front of you and your partner means something to you.

If you’re hugging with eye contact

If you are looking into your partner’s eyes while hugging, this gesture expresses your deep feelings and commitment to the other person. Looking into his eyes at the same time while hugging him reveals that you have now physically surpassed pleasure and instinct, and now you have a sense of attachment. These types of relationships are usually seen in long-term relationships. It symbolizes that you are now connected to your partner’s spirit.

If you rub your back while hugging

Especially if you are constantly doing this movement, it is proof that you have fallen into the swamp of trouble. Hugging and rubbing their back is proof that you will tell that person your troubles and listen to the other person’s problems. In this way, rubbing his back will instill confidence in him or her as the first step.

If you throw your arms around his neck

If you do this move often, watch out! This gesture is often a symbol of friendship. It is a symbol that you have established trust with the person in front of you, but the confusion of feelings you feel in the future can eat away at you, the thought of friendship or a lover.

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