What is a soul mate, is finding a soul mate and a soul mate the same thing?

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One of the things that are known to be true among the society is ‘ soul mate‘ and ‘ soul two z’ concepts. ‘Yes!’ We express that our partner is our soul mate. But unfortunately what is wrong is we are missing something. Finding a soul mate is very rare. There is a huge difference between a soul mate and a soul mate.

We keep saying that the moment of being a soul mate and being a soul mate comes to the fore. But one concept is very different from the other. Soul mates, in other words, twin souls have the same essence. They are souls that have attained their physical bodies by splitting into two separate energies. Contrary to the theory that opposites attract, there is a very strong attraction between these two souls, who are part of the same essence, and in any case, they will definitely meet one day. This encounter is necessary for accelerating their evolution process and reaching the whole. If this encounter takes place at a time when one or both of the twin souls are not yet ready; The encounter will cause painful experiences for both parties. Now think about it again, do you think the person you married or the person in your life is still your soul mate…

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Twin souls does not mean identical lives. Twin souls, who find themselves by splitting into two energies, may have led very different lives from each other. There is also the possibility that they are two opposite characters who have matured through different experiences. Soul mate here does not mean equal lives. However, the situation is different for the same souls.

Same souls are complementary, not opposites, like soul mates. Pairs have the ability to complement each other because they have the same vibrations. The life of partner souls is based on harmony, but the structure is variable. Souls can erode over time. Time, which is changeable and dynamic, can make things ordinary with the change of spiritual needs of the same souls, and the basis of harmony of the same souls can be shaken. It is possible to encounter more than one soul in the adventure of life. But soulmates, or twin souls, rarely exist, and they rarely meet, that is, they rarely meet.

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