What is good for heart health, stop salt consumption immediately!

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It is very important to eat healthy in order to offer the doors of a quality life. Healthy nutrition affects every aspect of our lives positively, and helps to prevent many diseases. Stating that cardiovascular diseases, which are among the leading causes of death in the world and in our country, are becoming increasingly common among young people, Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ender Semiz emphasizes that with some simple practices, precautions can be taken against heart diseases. prof. Dr. Ender Semiz, in his statement within the scope of 29 September World Heart Day, explained 10 measures to protect our heart, and made important warnings and suggestions.

A healthy diet is a must!

Consume vegetables, fruits and whole grain products; Give priority to legumes and fish-based diets. Made works; It shows that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of death. Avoid fast food, processed products such as salami, sausage and sausage, trans or saturated fats, simple sugars known as refined carbohydrates, and carbonated or non-carbonated sweetened beverages. Even consuming these drinks once a day increases the risk of diabetes by 20 percent.

Don’t Neglect the Exercises!

Regular physical activity should be a basic way of life in terms of protecting and improving cardiovascular health. Physical exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or at least 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week.

Stay Away From Bad Habits!

About one in three deaths from heart disease are due to smoking or passive smoking. Studies show that electronic cigarettes are not innocent and contain the risks seen in classical cigarette smoking.

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Balance the Ideal Weight According to Your Height!

Your excess weight; It is very important to reach the ideal weight because it causes diabetes, high blood fat, high blood pressure and eventually cardiovascular disease. Obesity is becoming more and more common among children and young people in our country due to inactivity and poor eating habits.

Limit Salt Use!

Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ender Semiz ” It is known that reducing salt consumption by 1 g per day in adults aged 30-80 with high blood pressure will lower the high blood pressure value by 3-4 mmHg, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The most practical way to reduce salt consumption is not to put the salt shaker on the table. A small amount of salt added to the pot while cooking and the natural salt in tomato paste, bread or vegetables will meet our body needs.” says.

Regular Sleep Forms the Foundation of a Healthy Heart!

Sleep of less than six hours or poor quality raises blood pressure; thus paving the way for cardiovascular diseases. Too long sleep time also increases the risk of heart disease. Therefore, take care to ensure your sleep pattern.

Take Control of Stress!

Psychosocial job stress and worries about job loss, as well as mental states such as depression, restlessness and anger, increase the risk of heart disease and death from heart disease. However, problems related to private and social life also threaten heart health. For this reason, stress management should be done very well with a rational approach and these problems should be eliminated – at least their effects should be minimized.

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Feed Your Soul Get Social!

Small environment, loneliness and poor mental support increase the risk of heart disease. The results of 148 large-scale studies investigating the link between social relationships and risk of death; It shows that adequate and healthy social relationships increase survival time by 50 percent compared to poor and inadequate social relationships.

Take Care of Heart Health Make ‘Check-up’ Programs!

Especially if you have one or more of the problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or triglyceride fats that cause increased atherosclerosis, if you have relatives in your family who had a heart attack or stroke at a young age, if you smoke, if you have passed middle age; You need to have regular annual heart checks.

Take Care to Use Medicines Regularly!

Especially if you are taking blood thinners, cholesterol lowering or blood pressure lowering drugs, never stop taking your medicines, do not change the dose and take your medicines on time without asking your doctor! Cholesterol, one of the important building blocks of the living cell wall and the main ingredient of all hormones, is of course necessary for life, but only to a certain extent.Failure to reduce cholesterol below certain levels with drugs in excess or high-risk people seriously invites cardiovascular diseases, especially heart attack and stroke.

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