What is orgasm, one of the types of breast orgasm!

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Orgasm is a subject that we are always open to learning about sexuality and that is constantly being researched. There are many features that we do not know about the sensitive points in our body. Types of orgasm you have never heard before are in our content…

lip orgasm

It is possible for women to reach orgasm with a long-term and emotionally intense kiss. Because the lips, where many nerve endings are collected, are as sensitive as the vulva, clitoris and nipples. Thanks to this sensitivity, many women are stimulated during kissing and even reach orgasm without any other physical effects. However, for lip orgasm, which is a very difficult orgasm type, you need a real focus and a good kissing partner.

chest orgasm

Studies show that orgasm can be achieved by stimulating the nipples. The genital cerebral cortex, which is activated when the vagina and clitoris are put into action, gives a similar response when the nipples are stimulated. Thus, orgasm can be experienced with sufficient stimulation of the breasts.

cervical orgasm

Another type of orgasm, also known as a deep point orgasm, is caused by pressure applied to the cervical (neck of the womb) region. Applying more pressure than a repeated stimulus to this area, which can be reached as a result of a deep penetration, makes it easier to reach orgasm. However, in some women, this area can be extremely sensitive, and applying pressure can also cause pain. In the researches, some women state that they experience very intense orgasm with this method, while others say that the stimulation of the cervical region is painful, likening it to anal sex.

regional orgasm

Did you know that many parts of your body that you don’t even realize are erotic can make you reach orgasm? If you focus enough, it is possible to achieve regional orgasm by stimulating your collarbone, nape, inner thigh and prostate. Regional orgasm can be a very good option to explore your body with your partner or alone.

mixed orgasm

Mixed orgasm is a very intense type of orgasm in which more than one area is stimulated at the same time. Stimulating the nipples during penetration, kissing or pressing the G-spot with the hands during oral sex are the easiest ways to achieve mixed orgasm.

multiple orgasm

In fact, the number of times a woman can reach orgasm is unlimited. Many women experience back-to-back orgasms. Doing Kegel exercises and exploring your body are the first steps to reach multiple orgasms. It is possible to experience multiple orgasms by making use of fantasies, stimulants and the right techniques, and by giving yourself some time to relax after your first orgasm.

A-spot orgasm

The inner vaginal area, called the anterior fornix (anterior ceiling part), is one of the areas that provide orgasm. A-spot, which is located at a point that moves upwards in the front of the vaginal wall, can make you experience very intense orgasms, according to experts. Because the pressure on this area also indirectly stimulates the G spot.

U-spot orgasm

One of the unknown types of orgasm is the urethra urethra orgasm. The urethra is surrounded by the clitoris on three sides, so actually your clitoris is much larger than you think, and it moves inward between 3-5 inches. When the U-point is stimulated, the hardened tissue allows the tip to fill with blood, so that orgasm can be reached. However, of course, considering the sensitivity of this area, it is recommended to be stimulated only by hand or with appropriate sex toys.

anal orgasm

Anal sex is not the first choice of many women. However, experts say that it is possible to reach orgasm in this way. Anal sex that starts with lubrication and as slow movements as possible can be quite enjoyable for many women. Tight muscles and thin epithelial cells in this area make it easier for women to reach orgasm, but it is recommended not to continue for a long time in order to avoid damage.

mental orgasm

It is possible to reach orgasm with just the power of thought without a physical stimulant. By using breathing exercises or sexual fantasies, very intense orgasms can be experienced with just the power of thought. Because, in fact, our brain is the largest sex organ, and with sufficient focus, it is possible to enjoy it without the need for a physical stimulant.

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