What is platonic love? The reason for the bond with someone unaffected by you is revealed!

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Being in love, having different feelings for someone than other people, making sense of the words of the poems is insufficient to describe love. Sometimes it may be insufficient to express your feelings to the other person. Of course, at this point, platonic love, which we call heartache, is the emotional state we encounter from time to time in adulthood, although it is more common in adolescence. The reason for platonic love, which is the love that has no return in the most general sense, emerged. If you have unrequited platonic love for the person in front of you, you can find the reason on Elmaelma.com! Let’s take a look at what causes platonic love.

Why Do We Fall in Love Platonically? What Actually Is Underneath Unrequited Love?

Especially in infancy and childhood, those who care for the child and cannot form a secure bond if they cannot see enough of the caregiver or parents who direct their education and growth and cannot receive love,

– Childhood traumas

-People who have physical deficiencies in the person or people who do not like themselves very much,

-The person’s feeling of inadequacy is the feelings that the person experiences in the relationship or in himself.

– The person may experience platonic love in people who cannot express themselves adequately in social environments.

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