What is sexual phobia can cause fear of men in women!

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If you love a person but cannot respond positively to their wishes when it comes to sexuality, the reason may be your sexual phobia. The social environment of individuals and their experiences can lead to some fears. The state of these fears exceeding the normal level and being based on irrational reasons is called phobia. Phobias, on the other hand, are considered as ‘mental discomfort’ when they begin to interfere with the person’s life. Here are the 6 most common sexual phobias in society!

Androphobia (fear of men)

Androphobia is an abnormal fear or hatred of men. Women with androphobia see the romantic behavior of the man, taking care of him, receiving gifts and even smiling as a trick to get closer to women. They do not come into contact with men, they do not want to be in environments where men are present.


Vaginismus is called the problem of not being able to enter sexual intercourse even though the woman wants it. In this case, the most important thing that your partner should know; This situation is involuntary. The person may tense up, push their partner away, and reject the relationship.

Studies have revealed that 1 out of every 10 women in Turkey have vaginismus. Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction of psychological origin. Professional support is essential. With the support of a sexual therapist, it is possible to overcome this situation in a healthy way.

Genophobia (fear of sex)

Genophobia, unlike androphobia, is the fear of sex, not men. They stay away from their partners because they are afraid of getting close. This may impair communication. Being sexually abused and abused in the past can cause genophobia. The sense of trust of people who experience such an event is destroyed and fear occurs.

Gymnophobia (fear of nudity)

The state of being ashamed and afraid of seeing a naked body is called gymnophobia. People with gymnophobia are very uncomfortable with the thought of being imagined naked by others, this thought also affects their social life. They don’t want to be naked even while taking a shower.

Agraphobia (fear of sexual abuse)

Agraphobia is the fear of being sexually abused at any time. Abuse in the past can trigger agraphobia. Those with this phobia cannot establish healthy relationships, thinking that everyone will be harmed. In some people, this phobia occurs not by the past experience, but by being influenced by a movie or TV series about ‘sexual abuse’ they watch.

Venustraphobia (Fear of beautiful women)

Venustraphobia, which is much more common in men, is the fear of beautiful women. Men with venustraphobia fear being with beautiful women. When the body of a man with venustraphobia sees a beautiful woman, he reacts like a quickening heartbeat and sweating.

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