What is the ideal duration of sex?

The duration of ideal sex is stated as 4-5 minutes if it continues uninterruptedly. This process only covers the time from penetration to discharge. Also, when foreplay is added, the duration differs for each couple. As a result, the ideal duration of sex is foreplay plus 5 minutes.

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Foreplay should not be skipped to make it shorter. In sexuality, the quality of the relationship is more important than the duration. For a good sexual union, the man must see the needs of the woman and show interest in her.

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How does masturbation by a man before sexual intercourse affect the duration?
Men are often unhappy because they ejaculated prematurely. As a solution to this, they have sexual intercourse after masturbating. Because the sensitivity of the penis decreases after masturbation. This will delay the ejaculation. However, although frequent masturbation prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse, it can increase the problem of premature ejaculation in the future.


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