What is the secret of a happy relationship, if you create a safe space…

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Of course, every couple wants to enjoy their relationship. Some couples are very successful in this regard, while others can be quite unlucky. Quarrels in a relationship are, of course, normal. But these fights sometimes turn into such a way that the relationship can get into a dead end. So what’s the secret to a happy relationship? Do you have to not fight at all to have a healthy relationship? As Elmaelma.com, we have prepared the tricks of a happy relationship for you. Here are 5 tips to be happy in a relationship!



Fighting is something that can happen in any relationship. Do not see this situation as a sign of doomsday. If you want your relationship to progress in a healthy way, you may even fight from time to time. The point to be considered here is to stay away from the show of power. If you’re fighting to win, it means alarm bells are ringing. Try to solve the problems between you. Fighting will only benefit you then.

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Stop complaining and saying things you don’t want to say. This really doesn’t work. What you should do is try to correct the features of your partner that you do not like with constructive criticism.

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Maybe the first rule of the relationship should be this area we call the safe zone. It is a private space where both parties can share everything about themselves. Do not interfere with each other’s private areas. This will both suffocate the relationship and make you bored. Do not limit your freedoms. Be sure that this is one of the most important features of a healthy relationship.

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