What is the secret of happy relationship revealed after 80 years!

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What is the secret of a happy relationship? What should we do to be happy? What are the factors that distinguish happy and unhappy people? Research has revealed that the most important factor that ensures happiness is strong relationships. You can find the answers to all the other questions you are wondering about on appleelma.com.


It was determined that the most important factor providing happiness was strong relationships. Harvard University examined the factors that distinguish happy and unhappy individuals in 1938. 721 family members participated in the 80-year study. Tens of thousands of pages of reports have found that the key difference between happy people and unhappy people is strong relationships. It turned out that happy individuals have better family and friendship ties than unhappy ones.


The findings of the study conducted at the University of Oregon, on the other hand, show that loneliness is more intense in societies where social media use is high. It also reveals that the rate of using social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram is directly proportional to the complaints of loneliness and depression.


Popular culture offers recipes to alleviate the pain of unhappiness. Many of these prescriptions put us in a vicious circle, deepening the real problem that causes unhappiness. We seek happiness in our private and business life. According to the results of the research conducted at Harvard University, the secret of happiness lies in a good family and close friendships. Factors such as success, wealth and career are also important for happiness. However, in order for these to turn into real happiness and be permanent, we need to have strong relationships. Whether you are a manager to whom hundreds of people are affiliated, or an artist who gives concerts to thousands of people, if you do not have friends to share your success with and you sleep alone when you go home and cannot find anyone to call or talk to when you get up in the morning, you can be sure that the accounts with lots of zeros in the bank or the comfortable house you live in will not make you happy. .


Social media, which is used to get rid of loneliness, on the contrary, increases loneliness. It also causes depression. Nowadays, people see social media as a tool to get rid of their loneliness. However, this choice has the opposite effect. A study conducted at Istanbul University reveals that while the use of social media increases individuality, selfishness and loneliness at an increasing rate, it decreases life satisfaction. People are under the misconception that they can communicate better with each other thanks to social media. Many people writhing in loneliness seek the solution on social media. However, friendships made without effort are worth as much as the effort spent. In addition, excessive use of social media leads to social and psychological isolation. These people distance themselves from their true friends and become even more lonely.

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