What movies can be watched on Valentine’s Day? Here are the movie recommendations.

There are only a few days left until Valentine’s Day 2020. On February 14, Valentine’s Day, watching movies at home in a peaceful environment as well as in movie theaters gives a different pleasure. A single movie can change your life! We can never forget the movies that touched us deeply, made us cry or laugh. You can get to know people from their favorite movies, and you can even understand their dreams from the movies they watch all the time. Watching movies is a hobby for some and a fantasy world that some people use to escape from their troubles… If you think you’ve watched all the movies that exist, you might be wrong!

If the movies are two hours, it can sometimes take longer than the duration of the movie to find a movie to watch! On Valentines Day; If you decide to watch a movie with your lover, friends or alone, we have prepared a detailed list for you so that you do not waste your time. If you are a fan of black and white movies, a piece is for you… If you are a Yeşilçam lover, here’s a little bit of here… “I don’t watch movies other than the romantic comedies of the eighties!” If you say, from this period… “I have no business with old movies!” If you’re talking about today, whatever your movie taste is, we’re sure you’ll find a movie you like from every period in this list!

Get your popcorn ready, put your phones on silent because the movie is starting!


IMDB: 4.0

Mehmet is a young man who is madly in love with his longtime girlfriend Selin. Selin, on the other hand, is a young woman who dreams of becoming a singer, sends her demos to production companies and waits for a response. Selin’s wish comes true and a production company makes a deal with Selin. However, Selin and Mehmet break up despite all the support Mehmet gave him in this process. Mehmet refuses to accept the separation and, with the help of his friend Defne, decides to win Selin back. Selin’s having a new lover leads to a dead end. In order to win Selin back, Mehmet will have to walk on funny and difficult roads.

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2. ONE DAY (2011)

IMBD: 7.0

Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) meet on the day they graduate from college, these two polar opposites begin a lifelong friendship after a day spent together. As we witness another moment in their relationship on July 15 of each year, Emma and Dex are sometimes together, sometimes apart. However, what they seek in life is always right next to them. After 20 years of joys and fights, hopes and losses, the true meaning of the unforgettable day they met will be revealed. ONE DAY, directed by Lone Scherfig, the director of the Best Picture Oscar nominee “An Education”, was adapted for the cinema by David Nicholls from his best-selling novel of the same name, which was also published in our country and was number one in many countries.

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IMDB: 6.7

Bridget Jones, in her early thirties, still single and trying to lose her extra pounds, decides to change something in her life with the new year; She makes up her mind to quit smoking, lose weight, find the man of her life, and starts keeping a diary.

Bridget, who soon began to flirt with her boss, Daniel Cleaver; She soon realizes that she is a complete liar. When he catches up with one of his co-workers, Lara, at work, he breaks up with Daniel and gets a new job. During this time, she runs into Mark Darcy a few times, whom she met at Christmas, and she begins to have feelings for him more and more. But getting rid of Daniel won’t be as easy as she thought. Bridget suddenly finds herself between two men with completely opposite personalities.

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IMBD: 6.8

The lives of Alper and Ada, two completely different characters who meet by chance in a book store, evolve in a completely different direction from that day on. The wealthy Alper is a high-ranking chef at an important restaurant. The only passion of the lonely man who does not have many expectations about life is to listen to old records.

Ada, on the other hand, is a reclusive girl who is lively, intelligent and has strong social relationships. She earns her living with the children’s costumes she sews in her small shop in Beyoğlu. What sprouts in that first moment between these two different personalities drives them both towards a drama that will last for years.

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5. RELEASE (Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind) (2004)

IMDB: 8.3

Sil Baştan tells the story of a man who has his memories erased from his estranged lover. Joel Barish, who received surprising news from his girlfriend for two years, is trying to remind his lover, who participated in a technological experiment, without being completely erased from his memory. So he doesn’t even remember who Barish is. The man, who got angry with this development, wants to perform the same procedure on himself.

The film reveals the relationship experienced while the memories of the man are erased. The man, too, once again watches the relationship, which started off quite well, and then went bad. But as time passes and it’s time for good things to happen, he wants to stop the interference. He regretted it!

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IMBD: 5.3

Esra, Didem and Zeynep, three bros, are three strong women living in the metropolis. One of them will get married. Zeynep’s wedding is full of surprises. Esra, who has been working in a job she doesn’t want for years, resigns and ends her bad relationship. Esra, who started working for the advertising agency, gets closer to Mert, the creative director of the agency, while Didem is influenced by Mert’s friend, actor Cem Sezgin. The three friends’ decisions will change their lives. Romantic Comedy, which is reminiscent of American romantic comedies, emphasizes the place of friendship and love in life, and looks at male-female relationships with fun.

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7. NOTEBOOK (The Notebook) (2004)

IMDB: 7.8

A love story told from a yellowed notebook that came from years ago. In the 40s, a young girl comes to the seaside town of Seabrook in North Carolina, USA. Dreaming of a quiet summer with her family, Allie bonds with Noah, whom she met at a carnival. The moment Noah sees the girl, he realizes that he is the person who needs to unite his life. Although the young girl comes from a rich family and the young man is a worker in the mill, they spend a dreamy summer without thinking about the future and fall in love. II. At a time when World War II is heating up, life separates lovers. Never forgetting the girl he loves, Noah returns from the war. However, Allie is about to marry Lon, whom she met at a military hospital where she volunteered.

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8. FIG JAM 2 (2014)

IMDB: 6.1

The first movie might be too pathetic for Valentine’s Day. But you can watch the second movie. Metin (Halil Sezai) goes into a long period of mourning after losing the woman he loves. Metin, who is now singing in bars, unexpectedly crosses path with Gizem (Safak Pekdemir). A new story begins between these two people who have experienced similar things in their past.

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9. LOVE LOVES COincidences (2011)

IMDB: 7.3

Özgür (Mehmet Günsür) and Deniz (Belçim Bilgin), whose paths crossed in Ankara during their childhood and early youth years and met in Istanbul in 2010, find themselves in a love adventure full of obstacles. While watching their past with flashbacks, on the other hand, he traveled around Turkey in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s to explore the forgotten popular culture elements, music, lifestyles of the period, Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever. completes the nostalgic aspect.

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10. 500 DAYS OF SUMMER (500 Days of Love) (2009)

IMDB: 7.7

An offbeat romantic comedy, 500 Days of Love tells the story of a woman who doesn’t believe in true love and a young man who falls in love with her. A nice option for Valentine’s Day, the movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel.

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11. AMELIE (2001)

IMDB: 8.3

Another classic romantic comedy about a naive and delusional girl living in Paris, she discovers love while helping those around her.

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12. One Fine Day (1996)

IMDB: 6.5

Melanie Parks is a divorced single woman who takes care of her son, Sammy. Jack Taylor is a journalist. His newlywed ex-wife has left their daughter, Maggie, with Jack for a week.

One day when they both have very important work to do, they miss their children’s school trip. When the two children are alone on such an important day, the two decide to get through the day by leaving the children in charge of each other for the whole day. As time passes and the streets get crowded, they realize that this plan will not be as easy as they thought.

It’s a Beautiful Day is an entertaining romantic comedy starring George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer.

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13. BE THAT (1976)

IMDB: 6.7

In the movie, it is told that a man falls in love with the woman he set a trap for. Ferit, a journalist, starts a new series of articles. She writes about the deceptions of famous companies. In her last article, she mentions that the oils produced by the famous businessman Hulusi Bey are not natural. This series of articles greatly increases the circulation of the newspaper. That same evening, Ferit sees Hulusi Bey’s daughter, Alev, having fun with a married man at a disco. She publishes it as news in the newspaper. However, this time she made a mistake. Hulusi Bey files a lawsuit for damages that will bankrupt the newspaper. Ferit sets a trap for Alev in order to dig up the case. However, things will not go as Ferit planned.

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14. SABRINA (1954)

IMDB: 7.6

Sabrina is the daughter of Fairchild, the driver of the Larabee, one of the richest families in America. Ever since she was a child, she has attended the family’s lavish parties, but of course she has been treated to remind herself who she is. Despite this, she has a secret and platonic love for David, the family’s flirtatious little son.

When Sabrina reaches the age of 20, her father sends her to Paris to save her from this obsession and to contribute to her good life by going to cooking school. However, things don’t go that way. She sabirna returns two years later and she has learned about life and its pleasures and has become a very attractive and pleasant lady. David’s head will spin against his irresistible spell. However, just at that time, the family made different plans for David with a plan that guaranteed his business life. David is engaged to Elizabeth in a corporate marriage. David’s older brother Linus, who is trying to prevent what can happen with Sabrina, will be in Sabrina’s attraction without even realizing it.

The screenwriter of the film, Ernest Lehman, received the first Academy Honorary Award for this work.

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15. DELİBAL (2015)

IMDB: 6.8

Barış, who is an architecture student and makes music as a hobby, is a bipolar patient and enjoys enjoying life. When he first saw Füsun, he had a feeling he had never known in his life. Love, which is always tangential, has caught Barış this time. Who is this girl who made him taste love? He wants to reach this girl, whose name he does not even know, but whom he has fallen in love with, somehow, and he does… Finding Füsun, reaching is also complete; Füsun, who has nothing in her mind other than finishing university with a degree and doing a master’s in America, also needs to be convinced of love. Barış, who is handsome, smart and sincere, finally achieves this. He makes Füsun fall in love with him and they get married. Everything is like in fairy tales. Until one day the fairy tale breaks down… Barış is a bipolar patient. The illness drives him crazy and he finally commits suicide.

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