What movies to watch on New Year’s Eve? The best new year movies

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We have some great movie suggestions for those who want to hang out at home in pajama mode this Christmas! We have compiled 5 legendary Christmas movies for you…

New Year / Christmas

Synopsis: Rose Collins, a lonely and widowed publisher on Christmas Eve in New York City, needs a miracle to cure her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. She also feels sorry for another patient at the hospital and meets a visitor of hers, She. Meanwhile, Nina Vasquez broke off her engagement to her beloved fiancé, Mike, over a jealousy issue. She still misses him, she. Mike gets close to a bartender named Artie Venzuela. Poor Jules has planned to spend Christmas in the hospital. In fact, the hospital is where he spent the most memorable Christmas of his life when he was young.

Family Man / The Family Man

Synopsis: Jack Campbell is a businessman who thinks that there is nothing more important in life than work, success and money. He never married and did not start a family. When he wakes up one morning, he finds himself married to his girlfriend, whom he left 13 years ago, and as a family man with 2 children. While trying to return to his old business life, he begins to understand that the meaning of life is actually very different.

Holiday / The Holiday

Synopsis: Iris Simpkins is a newspaper columnist based in London. She also has an unrequited love for her colleague Jasper Bloom, she. As Christmas approaches, Iris’s world is turned upside down when she learns that Jasper is engaged and about to marry another colleague. On the other hand, Amanda Woods, who lives in Los Angeles, has just broken up with her lover who betrayed her and is trying to forget her. Fate crosses the paths of these two women. They decide to trade the house they live in through a website. Their goal is to make a total difference in their lives.

Home Alone / Home Alone

Synopsis: Kevin is accidentally left at home while his family goes on vacation to France. As soon as he realizes that he is alone, he realizes that he will have to protect his house against thieves. Harry and Marv intend to rob all the houses in Kevin’s neighborhood. They will learn through bitter experience that Kevin’s house will not be an easy bite.

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