What needs to be done to be happy in a relationship, respect is the foundation of the relationship!

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There can be tensions in every relationship from time to time. However, these tensions, which we call the salt of the taste, can leave their place to bigger arguments and tensions later in the relationship. The majority of tensions in relationships are due to lack of communication between couples. If you have difficulties in overcoming the problems related to lack of communication in your relationship, these suggestions are for you!

Respect is the foundation of a relationship!

One of the biggest problems that drive relationships out of control is disrespect! While respect is the foundation of a relationship, it is the key to a relationship. If you push the limit of respect in your relationship, that relationship will not be very healthy and long-lasting. Remember, don’t do things in your relationship that you don’t want to be done or told to you!

Do not engage in long conversations

Prolonging the tension and prolonging your conversations, which cause worse results, is one of the last things to do in these situations. Although talking to solve the problem between you is the only correct way, it will be just as wrong in long sentences.

Stop accumulating inside

You can magnify the instantaneous tensions in your mind and accumulate them for a long time and have inappropriate outbursts with your partner. Take your partner in front of you and talk about the slightest thing that you are hurt or stuck in your head. One of the most important aspects of keeping your relationship strong and dynamic is not to keep quiet. It is useful to talk about your instant feelings when everything is still fresh.

Let the past be in the past

If there is a problem between you or if you are constantly fighting because of an event you have experienced in the past and you are always stuck in the same place, give up this vicious circle as soon as possible! Your situation may have become an obsession for you or your partner. Most of the time, we are not aware of this vicious circle we are in and the result can be much sadder. Take care to act calmly and thoughtfully.

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