What newbies need to know

If you don’t know much about sexuality, don’t be confused by hearsay information. In the simplest form, we have compiled for you what you need to know and take precautions.

seks sevisme cift yatak iliski romantik

First of all, get to know yourself. Admittedly, most people learn about sex by watching porn. Let’s face it, nothing is like what you see there. Neither your body nor your partner’s body… Everything will be easier when you discover yourself. Then you will already discover your partner. For example, masturbating will help you get to know yourself.

The most important issue you should pay attention to is to be protected. Both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

kondom Ways of protection:

– Contraceptive injections

You should start keeping a calendar . In this method, women do not have sexual intercourse on risky days by calculating the days of menstruation. For this, there are many applications that you can download to your phone.

Unfortunately, the most reliable method is still the birth control method used by women . Condom and traditional methods of men such as withdrawal or ovulation day calculation methods such as calendar method are methods with a high risk. The woman’s use of birth control pills (without forgetting and with the doctor’s recommendation) or an intrauterine device are currently accepted as frequently used reliable methods.

Let’s answer a curious question, it is unlikely that you will get pregnant with friction . If the man has ejaculated into the vagina , then you may be at risk of becoming pregnant. Yes, the situation may be the same whether you are virgin . Because the structure of the hymen is a thin ring, so the sperms can infiltrate. Although it is a small possibility, it is worth paying attention to.

seks sevisme cift yatak iliski romantik

Curious questions:

Does sex hurt?
If there is not enough vaginal fluid, if a

seks sevisme cift yatak iliski romantik

women ejaculate too?
The answer to which is very curious is that women’s ejaculation According to some, 40% of women ejaculate like men. However, it is not yet certain whether this is normal vaginal fluid or whether the G-spot contributes to orgasm. In one study, pressure was applied to women’s G-spots, resulting in ejaculation in some women. Our recommendation, if you’re very curious, try it yourself!

Do you make funny noises during sex?
Don’t worry, sometimes these things happen. It is even possible to leak gas. You can accept it as part of the natural process of sex. Do not worry about it!

kadin seks cinsellik iliski orgazm

Is it possible to have sex during menstruation?
If you and your partner do not complain about this while you are bleeding, there is no harm in it. It can be a bittersweet surprise to get pregnant just by thinking that your period is not dangerous. Remember, some women may even ovulate during sex!

Terms you need to know:

Touch is important, touch your partner’s hair, back, neck, in short, everywhere, kiss… and it might be a good idea to compliment your partner. Remember, most people are seriously aroused by their partner’s enjoyment.

cinsellik sevisme

Oral sex

Oral sex. During intercourse, one of the partners makes contact with the other’s genitals, such as kissing, sucking, licking. As long as you are clean and protected, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is one of the most enjoyable and important parts of sex.

It is not an urban legend that it can be transmitted by oral sex AIDS . HIV virus is known to be transmitted by some body fluids and blood. Microscopic cuts inside your mouth during oral sex , a tiny sore on your gums can allow the virus to enter your body. Not only HIV , herpes virus and many other sexual diseases can be transmitted during oral sex. It’s good to be careful.

cift iliski oral seks cinsellik

Anal sex

Make sure it’s wet when transitioning to vaginal sex after good foreplay. If the moisture level is low, it may hurt. In such cases
, you and your partner can start your search by trying various positions to find this sensitive area. You can first use your own fingers to find the G spot , which is approximately 5 cm deep inside the vagina .

Men can also be stimulated from the areas where the woman is aroused. For example, nipples, inner ears, nape are common erogenous zones in both men and women. In men, the area corresponding to the G-spot in women is located between the testicles and the anus. Men’s G spot is easy to find. However, most of the time, men may not allow it, as they do not like to be touched close to their anus.

Vibrator is a vibrating artificial penis that you can use on days without your partner. Although it is not very common in Turkey, there are some who have it in their homes.

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