What should a man do for a woman to have an orgasm?

Men also play an important role for women to have an orgasm. For example, he needs to stimulate first, either orally or by touch.

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Ask your partner to make very slow and smooth movements during intercourse. Thus, you prevent the merger from quickly ending. It is also helpful to discuss this with your lover beforehand. Because most men instinctively favor quick and short lovemaking.

Focus on your partner with slow and smooth movements, think about how much you love them. Enjoy the moment without the fear that the minutes will pass quickly.

If you prefer the missionary position , take a position with your partner’s face higher than yours and if your partner’s chin is at the level of your forehead, yours will be in closer contact with their genitals and you will be able to enjoy the pleasure you want more easily. .

What a man should do for women to have an orgasm:

cinsellik seks iliski– Man’s attitudes towards women are very important in a relationship. If the man is close and warm to the woman, approaches her in a way that she can enjoy, and cares about her wishes, then the woman will also enjoy and have an orgasm.

– It is very important for a man to be understanding towards women and not to force her without taking a stand if she has no will.

– If a man has a premature ejaculation problem, it must be corrected first, otherwise the sex will not be good and the woman will not enjoy it. Time is not the only issue here. It is also important for the man to control the ejaculation and to be able to adjust himself according to the woman.

– Sex therapy is also a successful method. Helping each other, having an intimate relationship, being able to talk and share will also increase the quality of sexual life.

– Spending time alone together, going on vacation will color the sexual life of both parties.

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