What size should the ideal penis be?

Men often complain about the small size of their penis. Experts offer a cliché but very true explanation for this situation, saying “it’s not the size that matters, but the function”. So what is normal for this?

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“7 inches is enough”
Female genitalia during intercourse lips The outermost part of the vagina is the place where pleasure is open with the entrance part called. The remaining part of these regions is insensitive. prof. Dr. M. İhsan Karaman says, “It is sufficient for the penis to reach a minimum of 7 cm after erection, especially in terms of reaching and stimulating the sensitive part of the vagina at the first entrance.”

Average size in Turkish men, 11 cm
The size of the penis may differ according to climate, race and genetics. According to the researches, the average size in Turkey is around 11 cm. Just as people’s other organs are not the same, there is no rule that everyone will have the same length penis. Longer penis = better sex It is absolutely wrong. Therefore, it is necessary not to obsess about the size of the penis in the erect position. Sometimes even long penises can cause discomfort to women during intercourse.

There are many medical pills, creams, gels on the market. Just as they have side effects, their effects are also temporary and controversial. If it has an effect, it’s very short-lived. In addition, men should not start this type of treatment on their own, they should consult a doctor before using medication. If anyone suspects the shortness of the penis, they should consult a urologist.

Surgery can be performed
If there is serious shortness, medical intervention can be performed. Penis enlargement can only be done if its shortness is determined by a urologist, and it can be done with some surgeries.

The small size of the penis is called micropenis and this surgery can be performed with 2 different methods.

1) Penis enlargement
Lengthening operations can be carried out by cutting the ligaments that connect the penis to the body, the basic mechanism of which is called the suspensory ligament, to lengthen it a little more. In this way, it can be extended by about two inches.

2) Thickening
It is the procedure done by injecting a foreign substance into the penis to create volume.

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