What to do after the first date, make definite plans with him!

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Your communication after the first meeting, where you get the first impressions of the person you are dating and get to know him, is also very important. Although it may seem difficult for most people to communicate after the first date, it is actually quite easy. So when and how should we send a message after the first date? The answer to this question is in the rest of our content…

Send a message that makes you feel thoughtful

When you return home after the meeting, you can text with an unrelated casual question. This check-in, which is made right after, shows that you are interested in him and gives the message that you are a good person to the other party. So what question should you ask? “Did you come home safe and sound?” control messages like the one that is a great way to feel the pulse, and it’s only a matter of time before it turns into a little flirty message.

Also, don’t forget to add an emoji at the end of the message. You can express your positive appointment in the best way; By choosing the happy girl or boy emoji and then the hands up emoji, you can shoot him right in the heart.

Make definite plans

You can certainly imply planning a second date in your message, but you can create great opportunities if you do it through a topic you’ve opened instead of saying it outright. For example, you could open a conversation about the latest horror movie released and continue with the text, “Let’s find a time to see this new movie.”

Refer to emojis

You may want to take safe steps into your date and express your excitement without being overbearing and appearing too enthusiastic. In this case, you should keep the text fairly short. Which makes a simple and flirty meaning: “I guess we both agree that this has to happen again, right?”


After the first date goes well, your brain may start to fill up with new ideas for a second date. Still, it’s hard to predict what to say to make sure the next trip. If you want to see him again, a compliment and a suggestion about the next activity will do wonders to solidify a second date.

For example, “Coffee was great! I think you like coffee…” Remember, all you need is a good connecting phrase. With this type of text, you both flatter the other person by complimenting them and give him the opportunity to plan for a second date. If all goes well, you’ll likely get an answer with the date and time.

Measure relevance

Even if you think your first date went perfectly, you may have a hard time figuring out if your feelings are the same. In that case, you might think it’s best not to risk putting yourself out there by suggesting a second date. However, if you have the chance to go on a second date, you can gauge his interest in you by texting.

Offer to flirt

If your date was really successful, you don’t have to wait until your next date to flirt. Do not think that this will make you look ugly and unattractive. “Well, what can we crown this meeting with?” You can express your feelings in a superficial and sympathetic way. In addition to encouraging the other party to flirt a bit, simple, flirty messages like this show that you’re not shy about going on a second date. Honestly, when it comes time to flirt, you don’t have to say it openly, just make sure you say something that will have the same effect.

Stroke his ego

Everyone likes to get a little compliment. A little ego boost after your first date will do both sides good. For example, you might say something like, “I really enjoyed bowling with you yesterday! You did a great job at all the games. Next time I’ll practice to beat you.” Of course, you can adapt the text to whatever you do on the first date. This type of conversation is also a great way to establish friendly and flirty competition. You can even go a step further by offering to pay for the next game you play.

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