What to do for a long-term relationship, your expectations should be realistic!

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It has become increasingly difficult to maintain bilateral relations in today’s conditions. Besides, everyone wants to have a long-term relationship, whether they end up getting married or not. So what to do for a long-term relationship? Here are 6 signs that your relationship will be long lasting!

You are not dependent on each other for happiness

In a healthy relationship, couples are not dependent on each other. Marriage can really be a source of happiness, but it should not be considered as the only source of happiness. Marriage alone does not bring happiness.

If you don’t believe in the concept of soul mates

It’s a very dangerous concept when you really think about it. The concept of soul mate aside, starting a relationship is a whole different matter. Believing that you have a soul mate is actually an issue that overlaps with destiny. Instead, our choices should be conscious and based on the happiness of both parties.

trust your instincts

Actually, the test to predict the life of the relationship is quite simple. A group of scientists conducted a test on happy couples and asked them to say whether they were happy or sad after showing pictures of their lovers. It was found that those who took a long time to look at pictures to say they were “sad” had a happier relationship, but those who said sad pictures quickly ended up breaking up. This is because unhappy couples are already “sad” when they see pictures of their spouses and therefore quickly and easily qualify the picture as sad.

You are a better person when you have a partner

Does someone come into your life suddenly creating a magical effect when your lover is gone, grumpy, unhappy and insecure? If you feel better and more peaceful because of your partner, your relationship will likely last a long time.

Dreaming of the future together

Sharing the moment is of course important because it allows you to build a future together. Setting goals together, planning the life you want with your partner is an indication that your relationship will be long-lasting.

If you have realistic expectations

The longevity of a relationship is related to the fact that couples have realistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations about life, such as pure happiness, are very unhealthy for a relationship. It also means capturing the concept that people don’t change. Expecting your partner to change will really be disastrous for you.

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