What to do in case of a fight Don’t use the word ‘let’s break up’!

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Fighting, which is called ‘the spice of marriage’, is a painful and unbearable situation for many people. The troubles, stress and various problems we encounter in our daily lives can drag us into a fight with the person we love. So what should we do and what should we not do during these fights and arguments? Here’s what to do during the discussion…


It is normal for your lover to not understand the reasons that are right for you and cause controversy. While women approach events with emotional intelligence, men may lack this emotionality.

Do not close the door hard

During the discussion, you should control your nerves as much as possible. If possible, you should shut up or take it down. If this is not an easy situation for you and the size of the discussion is getting more and more intense, you can leave the environment you are in for a while.

Never forget the root cause of the controversy

If you deviate from the topic you are discussing and include old and other issues, the situation becomes inextricable.

Don’t use the word ‘Let’s break up’

No person wants a partner to leave in a fight. When you say this word in anger, it is engraved in the mind of the other person. He may start acting like you can leave at any moment.

Don’t take immediate action on social media

Do not immediately share content with my site on social media, do not delete your photos, do not unfollow. These movements can bore you afterward.

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