When not to text men, when not to text men…

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We women always experience relationships differently from men, even our momentary nerves, tides, monthly menstrual periods create these differences. We are always more fragile and sensitive, but unfortunately we must not forget that the other person is a man. Don’t worry, ladies, it’s a man and by nature he will never be as sensitive as you! There are some moments when you need to stay away from men! Here we have prepared those moments for you…

After discussion: Do not vent your anger at your boyfriend by hugging your mobile phone. After a small discussion, the sms you write for pages will make your boyfriend angry even when he is wrong. A moment of anger can cause huge costs. Control your anger and act with thought.

While on TV: The team that your boyfriend is a big fan of has a game and you are texting. Don’t do it, you won’t be able to get an answer for a long time.

Texting all day: The biggest reason that drives a man crazy is texting all day long! Moreover, if you start texting as soon as you leave, these men do not like it at all.

After the first meeting: Texting the guy you like after the first date is the biggest danger that you should stay away from if you haven’t revealed your feelings yet. In the message sent after the first date, it causes the other party to immediately understand that you are interested and withdraw.

Intoxicated: Women are not as alcohol tolerant as men and can get drunk right after a drink or two. At that moment, you should definitely stay away from your mobile phones. Also, if you have exhibited exaggerated movements with friend gas, you will have great difficulty in recovering the next day.

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