Who is the spiral not suitable for?

The spiral, which is a method of obstetrics, is a T-shaped plastic inserted into the uterus. It is inserted through the entrance of the vagina. The most feared side effect is infection when a spiral , which is a foreign substance to the body, is inserted. The most important symptom of these infections is bleeding. If bleeding is observed in the person with the spiral, attention should be paid because infection may have occurred.

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Spiral as a contraceptive method is a good method if the woman’s body accepts it. The spiral slightly increases the amount of menstrual bleeding. This is not an inconvenience. In women who already have heavy bleeding, increased bleeding due to the spiral may cause discomfort.

spiral mkle Who cannot have a spiral fitted?

  • IUDs are not suitable for people with previously infected ovaries and genital infection . It is not recommended by experts as it may cause exacerbation of re-infection. For this reason, the use of spirals is not preferred in these people.
  • The IUD, which is a gynecological method, is not suitable for virgin and pregnant women.
  • It is not used in patients with excessive bleeding. Because spiral types other than hormone-containing spirals increase menstrual bleeding when used.
  • Patients with menstrual irregularity cannot use it. Because the inserted spirals increase menstrual bleeding and cause irregularity.
  • It is not applied to patients with uterine fibroids.
  • IUDs are not inserted in patients with coagulation problems.

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