Why are men afraid of marriage, the problem may be in the character!

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Although many couples can’t help but dream of the future, it’s up to women to deal with most men’s fears of marriage. Have you ever wondered why men are afraid of marriage? As Elmaelma.com, why are men afraid of marriage? We searched for answers to the most frequently asked questions about why most men are stunned when it comes to marriage, despite having a long relationship! Here are the questions about why men are afraid of marriage!

WHY IS EKREKLER Afraid of Marriage?

For many of us, the water stops flowing when we say marriage! It is a place to say that it is priceless to dream of marriage and even old age with the love of our life that we want in one pillow with that magnificent wedding that adorns our dreams. However, when it comes to marriage, crisis periods that make men nervous and even lead to violent arguments are the kind that blow insurance! So why do men stay away from marriage? Why are men afraid of marriage? We are sure that you have asked yourself these questions many times. We have sought answers to these frequently asked questions for you!

Men usually show their fear of marriage either when these issues are brought up at the beginning of the relationship, or they show it with some behaviors close to marriage, one of the reasons for this is the thought that they cannot complete the marriage successfully. Men get into some emotional turmoil that they cannot and will not be able to continue the marriage happily. This is common in people who see themselves as inadequate about marriage and who have not fully established their character.


Generally, men who are afraid of marriage can hide behind excuses such as “I am too young to get married, I have not completed my wishes…” by people who have not taken full responsibility for their own life and cannot manage crises on their own while making decisions. These defense mechanisms are among the signs that men are afraid of marriage.


It may also be related to the unhappy family of his own and the severe discord of his parents. The man who has an unhappy family avoids or stays away from marriage as much as possible, thinking that he will be the same in his own married life.

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