Why can’t women end a bad marriage?

Marriages start with big dreams and marriages are expected to last a lifetime. Sometimes it doesn’t work out as imagined and ends in divorce. According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, the number of divorced couples in 2014 increased by 4.5% compared to the previous year and reached 130 thousand 913. The main reasons for divorce are severe incompatibility, physical and psychological violence. Despite the increase in the divorce rate, the number of people who prefer to continue their unhappy marriages is not small. Studies show that women especially find it difficult to decide on divorce. Here are the reasons why women cannot end their marriages…

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Fear of being alone

Especially many people who have been married for a long time A woman is afraid of ending their marriage no matter how many problems she has. Because, breaking away from years-long habits and being alone and starting a new life after divorce make women nervous. Despite all the arguments and disagreements, having someone by your side seems like a much better option than being alone. However, in this process, women who share their problems with their friends or family and receive support from them can make the decision to leave much more easily.

Financial concerns

One of the main reasons why women cannot end their marriage despite all the problems is financial concerns . Many women who have never worked before or who stopped working after having children and have moved away from business life think that they cannot live without the financial support of their husbands. Even working women prefer to continue an unhappy marriage for fear of not being able to afford it. In addition, many women think that getting support from their family after a divorce is a bigger problem than being financially dependent on their spouse.

Environmental pressure

Just as marriages are made not only between two people but also between families, divorces affect the entire circle of the couple. Especially women receive reactions from all circles, especially their families, in this regard. Statements such as “Don’t break your home, be patient, it will get better with time, as if your marriage is like this” are actually the first reactions of many women who share their desire for divorce with their surroundings. Many women, who are already in a difficult process, find it difficult to make a decision when they cannot find support from their surroundings. In addition, the thought of “what the hell does it say”, which affects almost every woman’s life in our society, causes many women to continue their unhappy marriages .

Not accepting the problem

It is very difficult to accept that a marriage that started with many dreams has deteriorated over time. Especially women who continue to love their spouses despite the problems between them may prefer to ignore the magnitude of the problems. Women who believe that it will improve over time, that it is a temporary situation or that everyone has such problems, postpone the decision to divorce until the problems become insurmountable.

Don’t worry about children

​We know that children are the most affected by divorces. Therefore, women can force themselves to live an unhappy marriage so that their children are not adversely affected. The idea that “my child should not grow up without a father” is one of the main reasons for continuing a bad marriage. However, many child development experts say that a divorce that is well managed by the parents and reflected towards the child is better for children than seeing a constantly arguing parent at home.

Fear of violence

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why women cannot see divorce as an option is the fear of violence. Many women from all walks of society experience verbal or physical violence or are threatened with violence by their spouses. In particular, the woman, who cannot find a person or place to ask for help against her husband, continues the marriage, fearing that everything will get worse. If we consider that 81 women have been killed in the last 5 years in our country due to the desire for divorce, we can see the most important reason why women cannot end a bad marriage.

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