Why do men lie?

We’ve all heard the term “little white lie”. These little lies that do not cause serious harm to the other person and are told to save the situation are actually a part of relationships. Both women and men resort to these lies throughout the relationship. However, according to studies, especially men resort to lies much more. They show that they want to make life easier as the reason they lie. Although it may seem harmless at first, this can cause problems later in the relationship. The man, who makes a habit of lying, starts to lie on important issues over time and harms the most important dynamic of the relationship , the feeling of trust . Therefore, it is useful to understand why men lie and to intervene from the very beginning. Here are the reasons why men lie…

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They don’t want to deal with triples

The main reason men lie is actually not wanting to deal with women’s attitudes. Instead of saying that he went out with his friends, they prefer to say that he stayed for the meeting or that it was Ahmet who texted instead of Ay┼če because they are afraid of the reaction they will see . They’re afraid that their partner might misunderstand it, even if they don’t actually have bad intentions. Many men complain that women exaggerate things even when they’re not doing anything wrong, so they find it easier to lie than to argue .

They try to impress the other woman

Especially if you are at the beginning of a relationship, the reason men lie is usually to impress you.

They don’t want to break it

It’s pretty hard for men to reject a woman or end a relationship outright. Since they do not have this courage, they prefer to resort to lies. When you hear the sentence “I’m very busy these days, there are meetings every evening” and if you know it’s a lie, you can be sure that this sentence actually means “I don’t have time for you”. Or “I don’t want a relationship right now” is actually “I don’t want to be with you”; “It’s not you, it’s me” means “I don’t love you as much as I used to”. However, men prefer polite lies , thinking that these will sound too rude or harsh . Thus, although they think that they are doing a favor to the woman in front of them, in fact, not being able to learn the real reason for her abandonment makes the woman more sad.

They have trouble making decisions

One of the main reasons men lie is because they have trouble making decisions. When they have a hard time making decisions about your relationship or they don’t feel very comfortable, they prefer to resort to the first lie that comes to mind. Because for most men, the easiest way to put off making an important decision is to tell a simple lie that will save the moment . In order not to encounter such a situation, you should not force the man in front of you to make a decision.

They don’t trust women

Many men agree that what women say and what they do don’t match. That’s why men don’t trust you, no matter how honest you are or how much you say you’ll be understanding. When you ask your partner about his ex and you say he never bothered about it, what he’s really saying is, “If I hear one good word about your ex, it won’t be good for you.” That’s why they prefer to lie because they don’t actually believe that the woman in front of them can cope with the truth.

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