Why do the eyes close when kissing, increasing the focus?

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Kissing is one of the situations that prepares for sexual intercourse or ignites sexual desire between couples. The involuntary closure of the eyes while kissing is a matter of curiosity for many couples. So why do we close our eyes when kissing? What does it mean when your eyes close when kissing? Here is the answer…

Experts have done a research about closing the eyes while kissing, which has become the subject of curiosity by many. Here is the answer to why many people close their eyes while kissing…

It reveals focus!

A study conducted at the University of London reveals that your eyes are closed due to your brain wanting to focus on the moment. He stated that couples cannot properly perceive visual stimuli in the human brain with stimuli coming from the lips.

Open eyes make it hard to focus!

Another study is about the sense of touch and visual stimuli. According to research conducted at Royal Holloway University, the active and intense work of our sense of touch can vary depending on the visual stimulus received at the same time.

In other words, if you keep your eyes open during kissing and focus on the opposite face, not the kiss, your response to the stimuli sent by your sense of touch to the brain will decrease significantly. This will cause you to enjoy the kissing moment less.

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