Why Don’t Men Call? Why Doesn’t He Call You?

Are you waiting for a phone call after the first meeting, but he doesn’t call you? Relationship coach Candan Ünal, “Why don’t men call?” answers the question. Keep reading our special news for tips that will help you get to know the world of men.

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Take into account Candan Ünal’s advice, which is a bit harsh but will definitely help you.

1. Why doesn’t the man call after the date?

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Let me tell you the answer without tiring you out, because it’s very simple: He doesn’t want to call! It actually has such a simple and easy answer, don’t try to make excuses within yourself. I’m sure you’ll be against me at first. You think that the night went very well, you had fun, the man who didn’t like it wouldn’t have kept the night that long. He didn’t call because of his busy work or family problems, did he? Of course dear, what do I know anyway? I have only one request, if he calls, please call me and let me know!

2. How to treat a man who does not call?

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Dear women, I am now sharing with you the most important rule of love I know, hold tight! If the subject is love, not being able to call out of intensity is a lie! Please accept this first, digest it thoroughly. If a man does not work as a reporter in the middle of a war in another country, if he does not extract coal in a mine, how many floors below the ground, if he does not live in a civilization where there is no telephone, that is, unless it is an extreme situation, he will definitely find time to call the woman he likes. What, this guy never even went to the toilet?

Nowadays, when we all carry almost two phones, no one can’t call anyone for funny reasons such as busyness. So I never swallow it.

3. Why doesn’t the guy who likes call you who says he will call?

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Don’t call a man who didn’t call after your first date to ask why he didn’t call . His answer will be full of lies. If you want to believe them, take it, then the phone is in your hand, dial the number immediately. Forget it, don’t waste any credits, here’s the answer: I was too busy, I couldn’t call!

4. If she really wants a man, will she call?

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Not being able to call due to busyness can be a very valid and real reason for friends, family, acquaintances, social circle , no one will object to it. However, in a woman- man relationship, and moreover, if a man volunteers at the beginning of the relationship, what does he do? Learn this formula and put it under your pillow. Men call if they want.

5. Why doesn’t she call after a good night?

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Now let’s go back to the first night, you had a lot of fun, you liked the man too. He said he would call when he was leaving and he didn’t. In this case, there are several possibilities. He said he would call you because he understood from your face and body language that you liked him very much. It was difficult to deal with your reaction if he said that you will not see each other again, rather than upset you. Spending the situation with such a lie will both keep the night well in mind and not have to explain why you don’t like it in vain.

6. Does he not want to call because he doesn’t like it?

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The other possibility is that he really liked you as a human being, your friendship, your conversation delighted him, but you weren’t the woman he was looking for. . If he said that you can have a good friendship, he kept silent because it would hurt your female ego, he preferred not to talk about it at all, rather than taking this risk.

7. So why was he with me?

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The other alternative is that the man doesn’t really like you, but he doesn’t really like you, but he has other work to do, plans, calls, and more to do for the night. beautiful has no one to spend time with. Canı did not want to be alone, this is how she gets through the night.

8. Does making love on the first night drive men away?

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First night lovemaking sometimes pushes men away, sometimes brings them closer. The most common situation is that the friend whose whole problem is to take you to bed could not have sex with you. In these models, it doesn’t matter whether you have sex with the person on the first night or not, because in both cases the man will not call the next day and will disappear if possible . So you are profitable again!

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