Why don’t men call?


Yes, let’s face it, we women are complex creatures, but men are not that innocent! They never say directly what they want, they always fight on the run. As for us women, everything is clear, we either exist or we do not exist. Unlike us, men try to tell us what they want with their body language. They send small messages and signals. Unfortunately, many women cannot or do not want to receive these messages, and they always believe or want to believe what they know. The truth is that if a guy isn’t looking for you, he doesn’t want to call! It’s as clear and real as 2 times 2 is 4!

We always try to justify the man in our hearts with sentences such as he has a job, he is busy, in fact he does not want to upset me, and we do this without hesitation. As soon as the man calls or asks, we think that he always thinks of us but is afraid to call. It’s time to wake up, ladies! If he wanted you with him, he would call, come, hold and get you!

Please give yourself the necessary value first, love yourself first and find yourself worthy of being loved so that your pride does not get hurt when the other person does not want you, do not get destroyed! There is a very old saying, everybody knows, ” Just because I love the apple, does the apple have to love me too? ”The answer is always clear, no… You are responsible for your own feelings, don’t care one bit about what the other person feels or not! If it’s likely to happen, force it, but if it doesn’t, don’t force it, you deserve much better!

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