Words men want to hear in bed

There are magic sentences to color your private life and make yourself and your man happy! Remember, men are very impressed by what they see and hear. Right away, you can find out the words men want to hear in bed.

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You can use your intellect and passion to connect him to you, to keep his passion alive. With the examples we will present to you, it will be really easy to make your man happy.

1. Men care about making you happy in bed

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Stop being embarrassed during sex and show that you enjoy it. The truth is, men depend on a woman’s words to feel successful in bed. Sometimes even a small groan is enough to get him excited.

2. Impress men with your nice words

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Men want to know that they give pleasure to their women during sex in order to feel psychologically competent. He feels stronger. Power is extremely important to men. What you need to do is really easy, say the following magic sentences.

3. Let the bed catch fire with a few sample words!

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We would like to offer you some sample sentences: “I want you, go ahead, you’re amazing, I’m just yours, I feel so good with you, I can die of happiness, you’re only mine” You can say words.

4. Some men want to hear fantasies

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Actually, sexual fantasies for men and women are extremely provocative. During lovemaking, say your dreams in a low voice. The most common fantasies of men are high school, secretary, boss or teacher. Tell him that you met him in high school and that you were flying through seas of pleasure. Rest assured, you will both like it.

5. Honor the man after lovemaking

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Don’t throw your man away after sex is over. Wait for him to recover a little. When you kiss her on the arm or wrist, say that you feel more gorgeous every time. The man wants to be the hero of the woman; allow it. Express that your skin harmony is perfect, time stops when you are with him, and you feel very happy.

6. Show your difference from other women

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Many people may know the words men want to hear in bed, but not many women think of words after sex. You be different. Appreciate it, keep praising it. Make eye contact every now and then as you begin and continue. Touch her back, neck or hold her hands. In this way, you can show your love and passion for him. You know that people prefer to stay where they are loved and wanted more. This also applies to men.

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