You will be very surprised to hear the unknown about orgasm!

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Can’t you just have an orgasm? The reason for this situation may be what you know wrong about orgasm! As, we have investigated what are the unknown or misunderstood things about orgasm. Here’s all you’re wondering about!

Orgasm times for men and women are different!

Do you wonder how men experience orgasm and how they are affected when they orgasm? Studies have revealed that the experiences of men and women during pleasure are very similar. While it takes an average of two to 10 minutes for a man to reach orgasm, women need 20 minutes.

Women’s orgasm time is longer

It is said that women are more fortunate than men to have an orgasm. While the orgasm time for men varies between three and 15 seconds, this period is slightly longer for women.

Compatibility in bed is very important

The size of your boyfriend’s genitals doesn’t matter, because attraction between you is the main determinant of your compatibility in bed.

You expend about 50 calories of energy during sex

An orgasm you experience only burns two or three calories. During lovemaking, you spend an average of 50 calories of energy.

Some men may die during the orgasm because they experience the moment of orgasm very strongly.

Although it is very rare, some men can die during this time because they experience the orgasm moment very strongly. This probability increases even more when they cheat on their lover.

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