Your girlfriend or toxic man?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to understand how much harm a man can do to us. Especially when it comes to toxic men. Does your partner, who is sometimes a very kind, gentle, understanding and emotional man, sometimes turns into the most unsympathetic man in the world? On the one hand, while the relationship tires you out, on the other hand, do you think is he a good man or am I being unfair to him? You’re probably not being unfair. Because these rapidly changing moods and inconsistency are the most defining features of toxic men.

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You can end the relationship anyway if you think there is a really bad person in front of you, but toxic men somehow convince you that they are not actually bad . They make you believe that you can make things right when you continue the relationship. Since they seem quite defenseless and innocent at the beginning, you cannot make sense of these changes over time and you believe that everything will return to the beauty of the first days. This is actually quite a devastation for women.

Of course, people and relationships change over time. However, it must be admitted that not all change is always positive and people only change when they really want to change. If you are in front of you He determines the rules of communication
However, when your partner wants, you can talk about your problems on the subjects he wants. He can talk for hours to get what he wants, turn it into an argument, and punish you in some way when he doesn’t get what he wants. Makes a frown, poses, or punishes you with silence . It continues to be said until it is rightly accepted, that you think is closed

Acts inconsistently

Sudden mood swings, sudden outbursts of anger, arguments for which you do not know the reason, voices rising out of nowhere… The most special, that ruined your romantic moments if these unexpected departures became the routine of your relationship, you may be dealing with a toxic man. Of course, these outputs are not always negative. Sometimes, in a moment of anger, he may suddenly start telling you how much he loves you. In unexpected moments, you can find the most understanding and emotional man in the world. That’s why it’s hard to give up on it. Believing that one day this good side will always come to the fore, you make an effort to carry out the relationship.

May have a lot of interests

Acts differently in front of people

Your lover, who is very interested, sensitive and understanding with you in social environments, does it change? Or vice versa, does your perfect lover alone belittle you , act harshly or constantly snap at you in front of other people? You can be sure that there is a problem male in front of you. Isn’t it obvious that you can’t be happy with someone who cares less about your relationship than your external image?


If the guy in front of you makes you feel guilty all the time and thinks you’re not good enough, it’s obvious that there is a problem. If he manipulates you in some way and makes you feel ashamed of what you do, likes and wants , you may be a toxic man . He who always puts you in an unfair situation in order not to keep his promises, to get what he wants; If you are with someone who makes you apologize even when you are right, it is useful to review your relationship.

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