Zero tolerance for forced marriages in this project!

Berdel, marriage for vengeance, cradle cut, sand, blood price marriage, mother and daughter, child marriages and many more; in our country, although the person does not want; are just a few of the names given to forced marriages that were forced to perform by force, force and threats… Within the scope of Zero Tolerance for Forced Marriages Project , forced marriages, which are the bleeding wounds of society, are under the spotlight!

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By not establishing the family, which is the cornerstone of society, on the right foundations; An important project has started on unhealthy individuals, unhealthy women, unhealthy children and forced marriages, which is the bleeding wound of the society, which is one of the leading factors leading to an unhealthy society. The results of a very comprehensive field study that will bring to light the bleeding wounds and forced marriages , many of which are not reported to the official authorities, were announced at Acıbadem University.

“Zero Tolerance to Forced Marriages” project , with the contributions of Canadian Ankara Embassy Canadian Local Initiatives Fund, Acıbadem University Anti-Crime and Violence Practice and Research Center (ASUMA) and İMDAT Violence Prevention and Rehabilitation Association Prepared in collaboration with . prof. Dr. In the meeting where the results of the study carried out under the project coordination of Oğuz Polat were announced, Prof. Dr. In addition to Oğuz Polat, Deputy Project Coordinator Lawyer Zeynep Reva, Assoc. Dr. Cem Uysal, Prof. Dr. Hakan Kar, Mustafa Korkutata, Prof. Dr. Halis Dokgöz explained the results of the striking report in every aspect.

It was emphasized that making legal arrangements to prevent forced marriages is of great importance in solving the problem. Here are the highlights from the striking report and warnings from experts…

A commission needs to be established in the parliament

President of Acıbadem University Anti-Crime and Violence Practice and Research Center (ASUMA) and Zero Tolerance to Forced Marriages Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Oğuz Polat “Forced marriages are one of the most important problems of Turkey. There must be laws in this regard and they must be enacted. If a Parliamentary Committee on preventing forced marriages can be established in the Parliament, then the size of the problem will become more apparent throughout Turkey. We hope that new laws will be enacted and steps will be taken to prevent this situation. I believe that this issue is much more important nowadays when there are discourses such as ‘There will be no punishment for children with a 10-15 age difference, if there is consent, they will not be punished,’ he said.

Forced marriage should not be tolerated in any way!

Speaking at the meeting Zero Tolerance to Forced Marriage Project Deputy Coordinator Lawyer Zeynep Reva; “Marriage is an institution that constitutes the most basic element of society. In this sense, it should be built on the right foundations. However, we build this on false and rotten foundations with forced marriages, and unhealthy individuals, unhealthy women, unhealthy children are formed, which leads to unhealthy societies.

Forced marriages are so common in our country that they have at least 10 different names!
Berdel, marriage in return for vengeance, cradle notch, sand, blood price marriage, mother-daughter, child marriages; just some of them…

Attorney Zeynep Reva continues to explain the issue as follows: “Unfortunately, there are at least 10 types of marriages that have even been named in our country. It means that this type of marriage is very popular in society. It means widespread. In order to achieve a healthy society and a healthy family, it is necessary to close the way of forced marriages”

Emphasizing that forced marriages, which have no place in the Civil Code, should not be tolerated in any way Attorney Zeynep Reva “ In fact, they also have children. A point of view called amnesty this time enlarges that small hole and creates a huge wound that does not heal, that’s why we say zero tolerance. Forced marriages, especially child marriages, should not be allowed in any way. Establishing a commission in the Parliament on this issue and a solution is needed.” ended his speech.

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  • In forced marriages, only women are victims: WRONG!

Although the majority of victims of forced marriage are women, men can also be victims. In particular, boys who are married by their parents, men who are found to be problematic because they are gay, trans or otherwise behaved, and who are married so that they can “get well” can also be victims.

  • Forced marriage is a private family affair: WRONG!

Forcing a person into marriage is a violation of basic human rights and therefore becomes a public issue, not a family affair.

  • Forced marriages are only enforced by men: WRONG!

Although forced marriages are practiced especially in patriarchal cultures, many forced marriages are carried out with the coercion and support of women themselves (mother, aunt, grandmother or victims’ daughters).

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